Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

I finally went back to court for my excessive speeding ticket a while ago. 
Read about here
And had to fork out $253 worth of fines. 

Then went to dinner at my favorite place, San Felipe.
With Dynolene from school. 
And then to see.. 
What To Expect When You're Expecting.
This movie is hilarious & a must see! 
Like I want to go back a watch it again.

Woke up and got pretty terrible news from our FRG key callers.
I got a report that 10 people were severely injured in an IED explosion.
And one was killed.
It's so sad to hear about these tragic events of close friends.
My heart goes out to the families especially Linda Mills a close friend, check out her blog.
Thank goodness. Her husband was only injured and will be returning home shortly.
I constantly keep our soldiers in my prayers but they could always use more.
Please keep them in yours too! :)

After that, I just needed a relaxing day. 
I ran a lot of errands.
Picked up a new devotional book.
I can't wait to start this when the hubby comes home.

I made a simple dinner. 
Seared tilapia with black beans and spinach salad. 

I cleaned house, picked up groceries.
And prepared a dinner party for some of my Army Wife friends.
I made lots of comfort foods. 
(We all needed it.)

I made shake n bake chicken.
Mashed potatoes. 
Green beans.
And danish.

Love the tablescape. 

Yesterday was all about studying for my final final. (Haha.)
Packing for my upcoming beach trip and for heading back to Memphis.
(Ladies, if your a Memphis blogger let me know if you wanna set up a lunch date. I would love to meet a few of you.)
And preparing guest posts and upcoming blog posts so I can enjoy my short vacay before heading back to school. 

Hope you all have a good week. 
And seriously Memphis bloggers email me with details if you want to meet up!;)


  1. I loved What to Expect When You're Expecting too! So funny!

  2. you had a busy/fun weekend! you live in memphis?! i used to live in jonesboro, arkansas and we would drive down there on the weekends to go see disney on ice at that giant glass pyramid thing! :)


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