Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melissa Senick

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. 
This week Morganis on vacation and I am excited to be doing a guest post for her.

As we all know, summer is here is in full throttle. 
So far the weather has been great so [SM] and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. 
Basically I provided my must haves for a day on the beautiful beaches of South West Flordia.

Marly Lilly Monogrammed Derby Hat. Is this not too cute?
Source: Marley Lily 

Of course [SM] has to match me….and be safe from all those UV rays. ;)
Source: landsend.com via Melissa on Pinterest

Comfy Lilly to wear over….

You guessed it…


And most importantly is what’s in the beach bag..

Inside this absolutely lovely and overly sized gift from God (anyone with a child would agree!!!), lies all the necessities to sanity.

Best sunblock ever.

Basics for [SM]

Source: google.com via Paige on Pinterest

Gotta have some music (country lovin).

Some gossip magz.

Source: amazon.com via Hazel on Pinterest

Gotta add some studying in. L

Source: google.com via Beth on Pinterest

A southern girls dream.

Source: bit.ly via Kaleigh on Pinterest

Some healthy snacks

Source: google.com via Katia on Pinterest

And my must have Tom Fords.

Is there anything you cannot live without on a beautiful day on the beach?


  1. MMMM why must you tempt me??? I want those sunnies! You are taking the NCLEX? how soon?

    1. The sunnies are to die for....kid you not!! I'm obsessed with them. I just took the NCLEX yesterday and it was MURDER. I'm actually working on a post about it now. Check it out at


  2. Great guest post! I wish there was a beach in Utah! Absolutely drooling over the healthy snack picture (:

    Dearest Lou

  3. that pink pool bag looks awesome!!

  4. Morgan, so glad to find your sweet blog! Love all these beach necessities!!

  5. love all of this! especially the first hat ;)


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