Friday, June 15, 2012

He Loves Me

Hey Ya’ll my name is McKenzie and I blog over at He Loves Me. I am so excited to be guest posting for Morgan while she is away.I love Jesus with all my heart and enjoy blogging about my walk with Him. I just graduated High School and am very excited to start the next chapter of my life and head off to college. I plan to become a Kindergarten teacher and love all things related to children.Since school is out and I have an endless amount of free time, I have been crafting. Typically I would be at the beach on such a day as this but a Tropical Storm decided it was a good time to come tearing through my poor little town. Boooo tropical storms!!!!!I have been going a little pinterest crazy with the DIY projects so I decided to actually try some of them. The first thing I did was make a memo board for my dorm room. I went to Wal-Mart and found some 5 dollar pink seersucker looking fabric and cute ribbon. Covered the board with the fabric and then laid the ribbon down to create that look all the others have, so you can put pictures and all that fun stuff inside. Here’s a picture of the finished project:
 Next I decided to get mod-podge crazy. I have been looking at crafts to do with old Lily Pulitzer agenda pages and picked the picture frame. Get a .97 wooden picture frame from Wal-Mart, a jar of glossy Mod Podge (around 6.99) and then some scrapbook paper, old agenda pages, or whatever it is you want to use and then a sponge brush.Once you’ve got all the goods get cracking. I recommend cutting all your paper out first to fit on the frame and then gluing or else you will be a big fat mess. Don’t forget to get the sides. 
Aren’t they cute? 
And such fun colors. 
I am planning on putting my favorite Bible Verses in the middle. 
Hope you all feel a spark of creativity and decide to go Mod-Podge crazy too! 
 GOD BLESS and thank you all for reading! 
-McKenzie Brown


  1. I love that idea!! I have an old Lilly agenda just sitting doing nothing. I have to try this!!

  2. I still had apges left over and I saw a cute idea about making coasters with them!!

  3. omg, love the frames!!! I'm totally doing that.

  4. Love the frames. What a darling idea. So cute!!!


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