Friday, March 30, 2012


One Tree Hill
I am obsessed with the show, and all of it's amazing quotes.. Pretty much all my Facebook status' lately have been One Tree Hill quotes. Oh, and I've watched seasons 1-8 in about 3 weeks.

This photo:
love this
I must have one of these of Mr. Army Man and me, when he returns. But I think I might like it better from a side view.

Water with lemon
Not very exciting, but in the past two days this is all I've drank! I drank 3 glasses in like an hour yesterday. Haha. 

Skype with my hubby!

Just had the best, 40 minute convo with Mr. Army Man. Yea, he spoils me. ;)

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!
Night biches!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break: Part One

Like I said in this post, I've just gotten done with finals. And now I'm on Spring Break! Happy Spring Y'all!
Check my final out:
Fresh berry tart
This is it plated: With a flying chocolate butterfly and creme anglaise sauce.

My first day of sb, Saturday I spent at my niece's birthday party. First time I'd seen my family in three months. Feels so good to have a short break back in my hometown.
Mom and me before the party!
EG's amazing present from Mr. Army Man and me.
EG opening her presents! Isn't she adorbs?
Sunday and Monday:
I went shopping with my mom on Sunday, and Monday I went with a good friend!
Look at the new digs..
Spent some QT with a QT! Also on Monday!

Helped my daddy make dinner.
Steak with Maitre D'hotel butter, mac n cheese, and an amazing salad.
baby spinach
toasted pecans
fresh raspberries
shredded baby Swiss cheese
real bacon bits
homemade garlic rosemary croutons
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 t. chopped garlic
Sounds incredible right? 
My Spring Break has literally flown by.. I'll update you more of how it ended. Coming soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little DIY for Your Day

Sorry, I've been MIA for a while. What with finals and spring break this week everything has been so hectic. But I have a lot to catch up on and post about. First off check out my little DIY project I found on Pinterest. Found all of these at the Dollar Tree. Where every thing's a dolla. Duh!

You'll need:
2 plates (one saucer, one dinner plate)
1 small clear candle stick
Hot glue

Pretty nifty, right?
You can put so much on this little tiered plate. Food or bathroom essentials.
Now go be a copycat, I promise I won't be upset! ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012


Stressed is just desserts spelt backwards.
And that's exactly what I've been with these desserts.
Hello finals!
I will officially be done with my plated desserts class next Thurday and then after spring break will be starting American Regionals. I cannot wait.

Next quarter is going to be intense.
17 hours-
3 classes-
2 days on in class tutoring-
Yep. Intense.

Caramel Flan, twill cookie, chocolate sauce.

Raspberry mousse, Creme anglaise, Chantilly creme, Chocolate Filigree

Charolotte, raspberry coulis, and a sugar peice.

Chocolate ganache dipped New York style cheesecake, roasted pecans, chantilly creme, raspberry coulis.

Tulle cookie cup, chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis, chantilly creme, and chocolate filigree.

Socher Torte with creme anglaise and raspberry coulis

Chocolate souffle with creme anglaise

Creme brulee with sugar work

Jumbo cinnamon rolls with blackberry garnish

Brownie, orange marshmallow, orange sherbet, chocolate ring, & candied orange.

Let me know if you would like any of these recipes. I will get them to you. Or you can just lust over my amazing food porn.

Miss this, want it back?

I miss it.
I miss you.
I just want to have a home again.
I guess I just really miss it all..

Does any of this make sense?

It all seemed so simple.

First: Conquer the world.
Save the world.

Live happily ever after..

Okay. Well.
Let me ask you something..

What truly makes you happy?

Is it how you look.. The car you drive?
The people you know?
Is it money, celebrity status, power or accomplishments?

I have almost all of those things.. But it's still not enough.

What is, you ask?

I think?

It doesn't matter if it's from a boy or a girl, a way of life, a place or even for a family.

But where you find it.
Is up to you.

You also may wonder..
Why is this important?

It's what gets you up in the morning.
 And keeps you going throughout the entire day.

I just miss it.
I miss you.
I just want US to have a home again.
I guess.. I just really miss it all.

Twenty days gone. And still we're both going strong.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What to do?

Another military spouse sent me a comment asking for some advice on what to do while her man is away..

1.) Pray!
2.) Get into a routine. Even on the weekends. Wake up at a certain time and go to bed at a certain time.
3.) Stay busy.
  • Workout
  • Read
  • Blog
  • Have a girls night in/out once a week.
  • Plan a party. Link up for a game night or host a Pure Romance, Scentsy, or Mary Kay party.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Get a job.
  • Find a hobby.
  • Go back to school, take a class. Like yoga, spin, cooking. Something fun and new.
  • Go shopping but don't be rash. Make good purchases.
  • Make to do lists. And complete it.
4.) Stay strong.
5.) Stay motivated.

Just whatever you do just keep living. Don't stay at home. Go out to eat. He/she expects you to keep living your life just as you did with him/her. The time away is what you make of it. If you want to be negative, and feel sorry for youself you do that but nobody else is. He/she is doing their job. Just support them and be so proud that their yours and their doing a great thing for you and our country. Stay postive it makes the time go by faster. And just remember everyday away is a day closer until your in his/her arms again.

Live today, like he/she will be gone tomorrow.
Hope this helps. Love, Morgan

Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Crying, Almost Crap Your Pants Moment..

Yea, you know what I'm talking about... I had one of those last night.
Let me start at the beginning. I had plans to go to some friend's house near post (like an hour from our house.) But got a late start on the day and still had a ton of yard work/house cleaning to do.. So I ended up not going.. Instead I finished up.. Went and got care package items for Mr. Army Man and Boo Thang. And came home. I helped my neighbor with her twin's birthday party invites. And we decided to grab some dinner.
So far so good, we sit down at the restaurant and I immediately get a call from ADT. My back window had been opened and the asked if they needed to notify the police. I said yes and we all left the restaurant. J drove us back to the house at lightening speed and we arrived before the cops.
They checked out the house. Told me to come in to see if anything was missing and what do ya know. It was a false alarm. I have double paned windows. Meaning the top and bottom can be opened. The top had just fallen down. And the latch had been broken.
I was freaking out. The nice cop installed new lights in a few of my outside fixtures and all was good. Out to dinner we go again. This time we finally got past ordering drinks. Let's just say I had one of those crying, almost crap your pants scared moments. And the whole time I'm thinking, why does my husband have to be deployed. Selfish I know! But I thank God everyday for him being there. Someone has to do the job. I praise him and all the men/women who are over there. Anywho..

Thank God, a day only lasts twenty-four hours. I don't think I could have handled any more of that one. #deploymentproblems

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

True Colors Blog Swap/Care Packages

A few weeks ago, I got the brilliant idea that I'd host a blog swap. I did some research and found this cute True Colors Blog Swap. You switch partner and give them your favorite color, tell them some things about yourself and you exchange some goodies. I swapped with Kristin from Live, Laugh, Frappy. And she did such a good job.

Can you guess my color?

Light blue, obviously!
And a cute handwritten note.

Now sneak on over to her page and check out what I got her.

I've also gotten some other goodies in the mail recently..

My mom is a doll. Look what she's sent me in her most recent care package(s).

Yes, that's right a pink skillet. Most perfect present ever!

She also sent me a Princess cookbook.

She sent me a sweet note saying:

"I saw this and immediately thought of you- my real live princess! I know it's a little juvenile-but it does have some good recipes- You can save it for "baby name!"

**Yes, I've already named my future children with the help of Mr. Army Man, of course! Left them off because their still a secret.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ahh.. Army Wives

I literally cannot wait for the two hour season premire of Army Wives. It has been long over due. I know a while back I took the quiz to find out who my Army Wives hubby is.. You can view that here. So with it coming back on, I wanted to do something fun and see which of the wives I'd be.. And I totally agree, I am a lot like Roxy. Not her background, I don't have kids or anything.. But her personality and all that. She is definately foxy Roxy. Love this character.. Now if only I could find a friend like Pamela and I'd be all set! I'm sure I'm not the only one that's so excited about this show tonight. Who's all in?

Roxy LeBlanc

Which Army Wife Are You?


Roxy LeBlanc

  • You're Roxy LeBlanc! Anyone that meets you is quickly aware that "spunky" and "sassy" are important components that make up your DNA. You say what you feel and you are (sometimes too!) passionate about what you believe in. Even though you know how to get the party started, you're serious when it comes to the people who matter most to you, and you are often the glue that holds family and friend groups together.

You can find this quiz here.  Make sure you all go check it out. I can't wait to see what's going down on Fort Marshall!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Room

Swirl mirror- $10 @ Family Dollar
Lamp- $10 @ Family Dollar
Sheets/pillows- Walmart
Quilt- $39 @ Target originally $79 but can get it here for $29.98..

Doesn't it look great! We got a bed a few weeks before Mr. Army Man's parents came to visit. I found a picture off Pinterest that I really liked and used for inspiration.
We got the bed rails at a flea market for $25. We had originally thought they were for a queen bed but everything worked out and my in-laws brought us for our queen bed when they came.
Love our built in book case

Vases- $1 each at local flower shop

I would still like to add a few pictures/accent pieces to tie the whole room together? What do you think would be good to use?
I feel so good that the guest room is finally almost put together. Now who is up to come visit??
Hope someone does soon, so ready to put this beautiful room to good use!