Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nicholl Vincent

Hi ya'll! I am Nicholl over at nichollvincent, and I am so excited to be a guest here at Stars Stripes and a Military Life. Morgan is so sweet and fun, it is such a fortune to find blogging besties like her. I know you guys agree! 

Today I am sharing some of my personal beauty tips and things I swear by, and that I hope will spruce up your vanity this summer. 


Rimmel Max Curves. I love this bold, but not clumpy mascara. I put a couple drops of saline solution in my mascara to make it last longer. In the summer, I tend to go lighter on make-up, especially for beach/pool days, but a little mascara does wonders! 

Mac Morange Lipstick is the perfect, bold and wild summer color.

Can't stress this enough: Sunscreen!!!! I wear it year round, every morning. It serves as a great morning moisturizer and aging cream. But especially in the summer, it is so so important to wear it daily, mainly on your face. It prevents those permanent sunspots and keeps ugly wrinkles away. 


I love this statement necklace. It can make any and every outfit!

This bag screams summer to me. It is a perfect size, to hold the water bottles, flip flops, etc. And I am just smitten over elephants right now, so the print is fabulous!! 

Poolside Style:

Colors! And an arm full of bracelets. A must.


I don't know if I'm bold enough to try this, but color dipped hair looks amazing! With my black hair, I'd maybe try a hot pink and only at the very ends.

Health & Vitamins:

I swear by these things for hair growth, healthy skin and overall good health.
You can take up to five biotin pills a day!

What are some of the things you swear by for the summer?

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  1. i totally want to do that color block thing on my hair!!!


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