Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bag Bliss

Since I've been up this morning I've been busy doing homework, and all the while thinking.. I wish I were blogging.. And I've been thinking about a new handbags..

What's more fun than blogging about bags?

I am a serial bag buyer. I'm always wanting and buying a new one. I go buy one and immediately I'm thinking about my next purchase. (But that's really how I am about shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, etc.)

Here's what I've had my eye on and what I'm secretly wanting to buy.. (Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore! Ha!)

Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote
Hobo International- Effe in Apricot Patent Leather
Scottie Embroidery Large Pammy Bag

Big Picture Bag- Francesca's Collections

Do you like any of the bags I've got my eye on? What's your favorite bag right now? 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lovely weekend!

This weekend I spent it doing what I love the most, relaxing and having a good time with friends and Mr. Army Man.

We had a couple over for drinks and dinner. I made one of my famous pasta dishes, ham and pasta in a cream sauce. I also made a salad, creamed carrots with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter, and rolls. Can you say, YUM!

The hubby finished the trim and base boards in our living room and then finished with mowing the grass. I went and visited with our old next door neighbor and helped her move into her new house! Around 6 me and Mr. Army Man went for dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant. We are new to the area so we had to find a good Mexican place. We hit the jackpot. We only spent a whooping $24.73! With an appitizer cheese dip, our two entrees and dessert! Crazy right? We were beyond stuffed and took left overs home. We love San Felipe and will be returning soon.

After dinner we went home and layed on the couch and watched four movies on Netflix. Yes, four! I loved having a relaxing night with dinner and movies with the hubby.

The hubby and I had a late morning. We woke up at 10 and make breakfast together. We watched a movie on the couch and then begin working on our side flower beds. They needed major work as they were all grown up with grass. Were planning on planting something in them soon but aren't sure as to what yet. I'll let you know when the time comes.

We finished off our weekend with frozen pizza for dinner and The Harry Potter Marathon on tv.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cute outfits!

I've recently been browsing the web as well as magazines for new clothes that are super cute right now. I've got a birthday coming up so I know I'll probably be shopping soon! YAY! Here's what Ive found that I think are TOO cute!

1. Love this chic office look. You could even wear it out with a cute belt, wedges and a funky necklace.

2. This is a cute way to dress up anything. I adore the ballerina bun with this sassy little feather headband.

3. You could definitely wear this anywhere! I love the skirt, but I think I'd pair it with a cute long sleeve button down or something more flirty like a wife beater. What do you think?

4. As you can see I'm in love with the white button down look. This would be cute for the weekend or for running errands and shopping. TOO CUTE!

5. I just recently purchased this amazing dress at Bella Rosa Boutique. I haven't got it in yet but I cannot wait to see how it looks on and wear it out next weekend. I think I'm going to pair it with some killer brown wedges that match the belt and some pink feather earrings.. What do ya think?

6. This top is also from Bella Rosa and I'm definitely considering buying this. I think me and the Hubby are taking a trip soon and this would be too cute to wear with a swim suit. LOVE!;)

7. Nude heels are so in right now. I will be getting some of these asap!

8. I saw this scarf and immediately wanted it. It would look so good with cute simple black dress or some black tights and boot. Can't wait for fall.

What are you looking forward to buying on your next shopping trip? Is there anything your lusting after? Let me know!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Time

Me and my mom used to have mother/daughter time for at least a few minutes or hours a day, but on the weekends we would get up and spend the whole day together. AND I MEAN EVERY WEEKEND. It was a time where we could bond and share memories together. I loved spending time with her shopping, painting pottery, reading books, watching movies, or just riding around and singing at the top of our lungs. She would listen to me drone on for hours with absolutely no judgement.

Now that I've moved to Carolina, I talk to her everyday and we have long on going phone conversations throughout the day. But its just not the same. I miss her and our time together. I wish she would take me shopping and we could sing our duets together.

Mom, will you please come visit soon? I need to see you.

When I'm a mom
I'll love my kids
And play with them all day

I'll give them fun baths
And brush their hair
And teach them how to pray

I'll read cool books
Cook lots of food
And take them to the park

We'll swing and slide
Dig in the sand
The head home when its dark

I'll teach my children left from right
And sing sweet lullabies
I'll tuck them in and pat their backs
And hold them if they cry

When I'm a mom
I guess I'll have
So many things to do

But most of all...
When I'm a mom

I hope I'm just like you!

You're the best mom a child could ever ask for. But I really need to see you soon. I love you SO much!:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is August 31, and I keep telling Mr. Army Man everything I want. The list keeps getting longer and longer and I keep forgetting what's actually on it! So, here it is!
1. Bread Machine- I know what everyone is thinking, why that? My mom used to make homemade bread every week for school lunches. And it was always so delicious. Mr. Army Man takes his lunch about 4 days a week so this would be used a lot.

2. I have a cross wall in my dining room and slowly but surely I keep adding more to it. I found this one online and I want it SO bad. It means so much that someone so close to me (my husband) has fought for our country to preserve our freedom. And I would love to hang this in our home. This is one of my birthday wishes I want the most. And hey, its on sale for $11!

3. I just started school at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham and I also just got a new laptop from my parents. Being a Culinary Art student I have to carry lots of things back and forth between home and school including: a laptop, food portfolio, chef whites (my uniform), and my knife/utensil kit. It's a lot so I want something I can get the majority of my stuff in. I fell in love with this Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Mocha Rouge.
4. I fell in love with these BCBGeneration "Davie" Thong Sandals at the beginning of summer. I know my birthday is almost at the end of summer but there a classic and wouldn't go out of style. I had a pair of these jellies from Nine West and they recently died. They are adorably cute. Size 7 please!!

5. I'm in desperate need of some new clothes. Not really summer clothes, but definitely some for fall/winter. I literally have three pairs of pants, a handful of hoodies and long sleeve shirts. I know there isn't much fall/winter clothes out in August but gift cards to my favorite stores would be nice!

Hope I get a few gifts on my wish list, but if not I do know where the hubby keeps the checkbook! I'll let you know what I do get! What are you looking forward to receiving for next birthday?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obsessions right now!

These are a few of my favorite things!

One: I used to despise the taste and smell of Root Beer, but for some reason there was a sell on cokes and I bought a package. Everyday I see myself going into the fridge for another one. And slowly I'm running out! I absolutely love this stuff now!

 Two: I've had my Kindle since they first came out in about in '07. Its a little outdated but it still works like a dream. I couldn't imagine my life without it. I literally read about 4 to 5 books a week. Its so conveinient and doesn't take up much space, as books do. Its light weight and so easy to use! If you don't have one and you adore reading, please check it out!

Three: "It's a girl!" ---This has been my go to nail polish for a couple of months. Its a georgeous light pink and matches whatever your wearing. Love it!

Four: Mr. Army Man and I lived in a tiny duplex on the lake for about two months. Well, he lived there for about six and I only lived there for two. Anyways... It had NO bathtub! What a shame!! So as soon as we started looking to buy a house the first thing I asked for was a bathtub and walk-in closets. Well, what do ya know? I know have two bathtubs and 4 walk-in closets! Hallelujah!! I'm so blessed with a new house, a new hubby, and yes, a bathtub! (Don't tell the hubby but I've been buying bubble bath all week!) ;)

Five: Weird I know! But I'm in love with this show. I never watch it while it was on tv, but I recently found it on Netflix and I literally watch it everyday.

Do you like any of my favorite things?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Budget Dinners

Mr. Army Man and I just bought our first home, so recently we've been trying to save as much $$ as possible to fix the house up, get new furniture (because all we have is a bed on the floor, a couch, and a eat-in kitchen table), paint, etc. I was thinking of tips to save not only on our wallet but with time too!
I just started culinary school and food was my first thought. I'm going to be using one ingredient through out all my dishes during the week so we don't spend so much money on buying chicken, pork, and beef. Getting your meats in can be quite expensive!

Ham is one of those meat that gets over looked through the year but as soon as its the holiday season its the go-to meat. And I think it's quite a shame! So.. This week my signature ingredient is ham.

Here's my menu of meal I'm preparing this week, it uses some ingredients several times so nothing goes to waste:

Monday: Ham, Au Gratin potatoes, green beans, and rolls

Tuesday: Ham/ roll sammies, and green bean casserole

Wednesday: White beans with ham, and cornbread (YUMMM!)

Thursday: Ham and cheese macaroni with steamed veggies

Friday: Ham steaks, veggie omelet (using leftover from night before), and biscuits

Since there is only two of us, one spiral Christmas ham should do the trick for an entire week. I know some will complain about using ham in every dish but if you put a new twist on it every night it won't get old.

If you want any recipes, just let me know!:)