Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is August 31, and I keep telling Mr. Army Man everything I want. The list keeps getting longer and longer and I keep forgetting what's actually on it! So, here it is!
1. Bread Machine- I know what everyone is thinking, why that? My mom used to make homemade bread every week for school lunches. And it was always so delicious. Mr. Army Man takes his lunch about 4 days a week so this would be used a lot.

2. I have a cross wall in my dining room and slowly but surely I keep adding more to it. I found this one online and I want it SO bad. It means so much that someone so close to me (my husband) has fought for our country to preserve our freedom. And I would love to hang this in our home. This is one of my birthday wishes I want the most. And hey, its on sale for $11!

3. I just started school at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham and I also just got a new laptop from my parents. Being a Culinary Art student I have to carry lots of things back and forth between home and school including: a laptop, food portfolio, chef whites (my uniform), and my knife/utensil kit. It's a lot so I want something I can get the majority of my stuff in. I fell in love with this Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Mocha Rouge.
4. I fell in love with these BCBGeneration "Davie" Thong Sandals at the beginning of summer. I know my birthday is almost at the end of summer but there a classic and wouldn't go out of style. I had a pair of these jellies from Nine West and they recently died. They are adorably cute. Size 7 please!!

5. I'm in desperate need of some new clothes. Not really summer clothes, but definitely some for fall/winter. I literally have three pairs of pants, a handful of hoodies and long sleeve shirts. I know there isn't much fall/winter clothes out in August but gift cards to my favorite stores would be nice!

Hope I get a few gifts on my wish list, but if not I do know where the hubby keeps the checkbook! I'll let you know what I do get! What are you looking forward to receiving for next birthday?


  1. I am Mr. Army man, and I am open to any suggestions for a new place to hide a checkbook. Thanks!

  2. It looks like Mommie Dearest needs to get another job to pay for birthday presents!


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