Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Time

Me and my mom used to have mother/daughter time for at least a few minutes or hours a day, but on the weekends we would get up and spend the whole day together. AND I MEAN EVERY WEEKEND. It was a time where we could bond and share memories together. I loved spending time with her shopping, painting pottery, reading books, watching movies, or just riding around and singing at the top of our lungs. She would listen to me drone on for hours with absolutely no judgement.

Now that I've moved to Carolina, I talk to her everyday and we have long on going phone conversations throughout the day. But its just not the same. I miss her and our time together. I wish she would take me shopping and we could sing our duets together.

Mom, will you please come visit soon? I need to see you.

When I'm a mom
I'll love my kids
And play with them all day

I'll give them fun baths
And brush their hair
And teach them how to pray

I'll read cool books
Cook lots of food
And take them to the park

We'll swing and slide
Dig in the sand
The head home when its dark

I'll teach my children left from right
And sing sweet lullabies
I'll tuck them in and pat their backs
And hold them if they cry

When I'm a mom
I guess I'll have
So many things to do

But most of all...
When I'm a mom

I hope I'm just like you!

You're the best mom a child could ever ask for. But I really need to see you soon. I love you SO much!:)

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