Tuesday, March 3, 2015

100 in 1001 Update

Starts: January 1, 2014
Ends: September 28, 2016

If it is crossed off, I have completed it.
If it is in Bold, it is a work in progress.
If it is in italics, I did not complete it. 
*These are in no particular order.
  1. Lose baby weight. 
2. Graduate with my Bachelor's degree.

3. Find a red wine I love.
4. Become members of our church.
5. Buy a new Bible.
6. Put together a book together of 100 Bible verses & favorite quotes. (1/100)
7. Read 25 books. (4/25) 
1. Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay 
2. Gone Girl
3. One & Only 
4. Olive's Ocean
8. Do yoga everyday for 30 days. (0/30)
9. Get a passport. 
 10. Run a half marathon.
11. Find the perfect little black dress.
12. Make healthy lunches for myself everyday for a month. 
13. Find a 9-5 job with benefits.
14. Get a blow out. 
15. "Unplug" for 48 hours.
16. Save enough to buy myself a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.

17. Commit to a skincare routine.
18. Go an entire month without buying anything at Starbucks. 
19. Take Hunters Ed & Pass.
20. Find the perfect mascara. 

21. Recreate our first date.
22. Watch Mr. Army Man jump out of an airplane.
23. Bring him lunch to work.
24. Make it to a promotion/graduation ceremony.
25. Start a daily devotional.
26. Get couples massage.
27. Take concealed handgun class together.
28. Pack his lunch everyday for a month,
complete with a handwritten note. (0/30)
29. Go to a couples yoga class .
30. Take a Salsa class together.
31. Start our own Family Christmas Traditions.
32. Go fishing with Mr. Army Man in his new boat.
33. Have a natural birth- no epidural.
34. Breast feed for at least 6 months. (12/6)
35. Take him to visit the Memphis Zoo.

 36. Try making homemade baby food.
37. Teach him to walk before 1st birthday.  (9.5 months)
38.  Potty train by 2nd birthday.
 39. Get him a life insurance policy.
40. Take him to the ATL Aquarium.
41. Take him to the Memphis Children's Museum.
42. Buy a Piggy Bank.
43. Start a savings account for him.
44. Make his first birthday cake.
45. Have Cooper Baptized. 

For Others:
46. Volunteer for The Salvation Army,
ringing the bell to collect Christmas donations.
47. Be someones maid of honor.
48. Donate old clothes to local shelter or those in need.
49. Send out 101 letters snail mail style. (21/101)
50. Send a random care package to a friend.
51. Bake Christmas goodies for neighbors.
52. Buy someone coffee at Starbucks.
 53. Donate blood.
54. Donate old books to local library.
55. Go to some kind of blog conference. (Aug 2014)
56. Make blog business cards.
 57. Guest post for a blogger.
58. Organize my pictures on my computer.
59. Work with a friend on a blog project.
 60. Launch a food blog.
61. Host a giveaway on a friend's blog.
62. Get a better camera.
63. Leave 10 comments on other blogs everyday for a month. (0/30)
64. Buy a photo editor.
65. Host a blogger event. 

66. Buy a new mattress for our bed.
67. Buy new platters & service ware.
68. Remodel master bath.
69. Meal plan for an entire month.
70. Bake/cook for 10 people I love. (4/10)
71. Pay off credit card.
 72. Save $150 per month.
 73. Landscape side flowerbeds.
74. Paint our living room.
75. Get built ins installed around fireplace.
76. Fix up backyard.

77. Keep my room and closet clean for at least three months. (1/3)78. Make a fancy drink. 

 79. Stay in Tunica.
80. Go on a girls trip.
81. Fly first class.
82. See a drive in movie.
83. Attend the Fayetteville Blues & Brews Fest.
84. Go to a horse race.
85. Stay at a B&B.
86. Visit five new cities. (3/5)
Asheville, NC
Birmingham, AL
87. Go to a Cardinals baseball game. (7/10/14)

88. Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard.
89. Spend a weekend at the beach.
 90. Attend a food festival.
91. Get a psychic reading.
92. Go skinny dipping.
93. Go on a baby moon.
94. Go to a tequila bar.
95. Go on a picnic.
96. Party on Beale Street in Memphis, TN.
97. Go to a Dinner at the Goat Lady Dairy Farm.98. Spend the weekend in Asheville. (8/17/14)
99. Go white water rafting.
100. Go ice skating.

101. Finish this list & make another one. 
Wish me luck!