Monday, December 31, 2012

Champagne Poppin'

Champagne Poppin'

First off, Happy New Year's Ladies!
I am so excited this year.
I got this amazing little dress from my sweet mother in law for Christmas & have been kicking my heels {literally} to wear this get up!

Hope y'all enjoy yourselves but don't get too crazy.
Drink some champs & ring it in!

Give Away Announcement

With all the holiday hooray! 
I've forget to announce the winner of the Snowman Door Hanger!

Congratulations Carrie B.
Make sure you get with me so I can get your information for shipping!

I'd also like to announce that I am giving away this bracelet!
So check back soon to find out when the give away is open!

Have a wonderful day ringing in the New Year.
God Bless..

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I feel like I have been on the go with Christmas, lot of family time & our trek back to NC.

We are finally home and things should get back to normal.
I need to go back to my Mexicoma.
Speaking of Mexico..

If you have been reading for a while y'all know the hubs & me recently took a cruise out of New Orleans to Progreso & Cozumel.

We had the best time & certainly lived it up. 
Here's a quick recap of our fun!

Day One:
We enjoyed eating out on the deck next to the water.

I couldn't get enough of the bacon & carried around a bowl of it for a while.\

We strolled out for blow fish & coladas on the top of the ship.

That night we dressed up for 'el capitan' dinner.
It was so good. I spilled it all over my dress.
Reason for the head shot. Hah! 

Day Two: Progreso

We laid out on the beach with tons of margs & pico.

On the way back to the boat. Already missing it... 

That night we grabbed some drinks 
with two friends for two amazing comedy shows.

We may have even gambled a little. SHH.. 
Don't tell my mom.
It was like popcorn but better cuz it was full of money!!

Day Three: Cozumel

I literally almost peed myself when I saw this REAL life pirate ship.
I was so exited. The only problem was I wish I was a mermaid so I could swim out to it.

We found an amazing restaurant off the beaten path.
About four miles off that path.
It was true blue Mexican food.
We even got to pick our fish that we ordered.
It was still flopping around in the cooler.



We had some other great food too.
We ordered so much we barely walked out.


Later we did some shopping.
I got some Chanel perfume & some vintage 1940's Tequila.
I was a happy gal.

That night we pulled out our matching outfits & had fun on the deck.
I won a dance competition that I wasn't even entered in.

Day Four:
We relaxed on the deck with our two friends.
& had a great day soaking up the last of our vacation's rays.
Mr. Army Man even went down the kiddie slide a few times & eventually got in 

After dinner {where we were the last people in the dining room}
we went with all the couples from our table to the casino & hung out.
I ended up winning a tshirt.
My 'Tebow' pose.

 I was so excited even tho I won an XL.

We literally had the best time. 
After a year like this one, I'd say we deserved it.
So thankful we were able to take this journey we grew not only with memories but love and even more silliness for one another.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Four Christmases

Four Christmases

We have been beyond blessed & extremely busy this holiday season.
Four Christmases, busy!
We came home for vacation & couldn't ask for a better one.

Now let's begin the recap.
Excuse the picture overload.

Christmas Eve.

"The Lee Family Christmas"
We started off Christmas Eve with the hubs family.
We all had such a fun time catching up.
Since last Christmas we've had two new additions.
So fun to see everyone & get some baby love. 
All the grand-kids & great grand-kids with Grand Dad.
The Originals. 
Us with Grand Dad. He's such a "G."
In Laws.
We had some new additions. :)

Next up..
"The Chrestman Family Christmas"
We then headed over to my parents house to open presents with my two brothers, since they were going to their in-laws on Christmas day.
We had such a fun time opening gifts with my niece. 
She is a mess!
Mom's Tree
Brother & his girl.

The Girls
Husband & my brothers.
After we finished up at my parents we headed to my grandparents house.
We ate, played bingo & ate more.
I was so excited I won bingo four times!

My niece loved the presents we got her & kept putting her "lip lick" on me.
She asked me which color I wanted. 
Purple, lello {yellow} or boo {blue.} 
She told my Papaw that he was fired from being the bingo caller.
My niece, Ella Grace.
My Papaw

Christmas Day..

"The Neal Family Christmas"
Every Christmas morning we gather at Mr. Army Man's parents house.
We always eat a huge breakfast, have mimosas & open gifts.
It is so fun. 
I forgot my camera for this one so the photos are limited.
My other niece Meghan had to try on my dress from my mother in law.
Too funny!


"Another Chrestman Family Christmas"
We had a massive lunch at my parents & got to open presents with my Great Grandma. It was so yummers to eat my mom's home cooking since we were out of town for Thanksgiving.

We had the best Christmas an awoke this morning to a true winter wonderland. I absolutely feel blessed beyond belief for all the love & family time that was cherished in the past few days.
So sad we will be leaving soon. 

Up next on the blog roll a massive recap on our cruise trip to Mexico.
Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We Wish You A..


It's been so nice being back home in Arkansas for the holidays!
Lots of laughter, new arrivals & fabulous fun.
Can't wait to share all our recent activities & fun times soon!
Happy days from us to you!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Travel Essentials

I posted about some of these must have over on Southern Glamourista a while back. I decided to post this again, because lots of bloggers don't typically read the guest posts. With the holiday season just around the corner and traveling to visit our families in the mists, I thought I’d share with y’all my beauty must haves for the winter as well as for traveling.

Holiday Travel Essentials 

Holiday Travel Essentials by morgan-neal

1. Sparkle Toothy Tabs are a must. 
No more confiscated toothpaste because you didn't get the right size. 
Or it getting busted and a gooey mess all over your designer bag.
Pop one in your mouth, chew and brusha, brusha, brusha.

2. I can't go anywhere without a travel sized bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

It gets rid of those dry legs that always appear in the midst of winter.

3. I am a Mary Kay lover.

I sell it and wouldn't be able to live a day without a swipe of this on my lashes.
Go get some now. 

4. LV Speedy.

No description necessary.

5. Revlon Raspberry Pie Colorbrust Lip Butter.

Amazeballs. The perfect shade for all those holiday parties when you don't want to wear red.

6. Love & Toast Mandarin Tea Perfume.

My signature fragrance. It is light and delicious. 
I drink hot tea everyday and being able to incorporate my love of tea into a perfume. 

7. Dry Shampoo.

I live by this stuff.
Trying to let my hair grow so I am constantly using this stuff to put off washing my hair.
If you see my hair in a pony or bun you know I probably haven't washed my hair in a minute.

What are some of your must haves for traveling or the holidays? 
We are officially on our anniversary cruise so you may not see much of me in the upcoming days!
Have a fabby week, ladies!

{PS} Make sure y'all get on over & sign up for my Snowman Give Away!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bubs Got Hitched

Hi y'all.
This week has been a true blessing.
I traveled back home to Arkansas to watch my oldest brother get married.
It was such a special day to be apart of since I live so far away.

The bubs got married to his baby mama on 
Crazies I tell ya.

It was a simple QUICK ceremony at a quaint little B&B in Jonesboro.
We had dinner after at the restaurant where they had their first date.

My mom made cupcakes & they opened some wedding gifts. 
{My niece keep saying that it was her birthday- smart girl.}
It was so nice being home & with family after six months.
Nothing is more precious than time spent with those you love.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
We are leaving for our anniversary cruise in a few hours.
Praying for a safe trip & a great vacation- we definitely need it!


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