Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shopping: A Deeper Meaning

Most of y'all know I am on a no shopping period right now..
And to be honest I am sorta enjoying it.

I don't have to go out & buy the hottest new thing
because J.Simps is carrying it.
I feel so much better about not spending money
& I know that we are saving everyday.

Right now I am in a marketing class and 
I feel like I should help breakdown the difference between
internal influence and external influence.

Internal Influence:
-Self Image

External Influence:
-Social Status

I think we all need to keep in mind that
just because someone else has is,
doesn't mean that we need it as well.

Some key things I like to keep in mind now are:
Is it another's influence that is making me want to get it?
Am I really going to use it?
Will it go out of style soon?
Do I just want it because I saw so-in-so with it?
Is it something I'm going to want to keep for the rest of my life?

These things help me stay under control and not shop,
even when I see something that is totally TO DIE FOR!

And let's be honest, if someone (like me)
who used to shop 4/7 days a week,
then you can probably go without it for a little while too!

And in the long run your wallet, husband and self control will probably thank you!
If not, you can always have a sweet reward at the end like I do.


Now who wants to go shopping with me
when this is all over? :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simply Feminine


Shirt: Francesca's Collections- Sold Out {Similar Here}
Jeggings: Nordstom Topshop
Shoes: Tory Burch Leopard Revas
Bag: Local Boutique

Love simple outfits, like this one, that you can wear any time or place.
We had fun playing around post checking out some tributes to our boys in uniform.
We also had a first birthday party to attend so this was the perfect outfit even for a day that started out in the fifties and ended in the eighties. 
Crazy for January!

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Congratulations to Beth McCartney for winning the Coral Bracelet Give Away.
Send me your information so I can get this divine little jewel to you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Call Me Glamorous

Say hello to this beautiful little gem 
that could be featured in your arm party soon!

Glamour Me Jewels was kind enough to share this fantastic bracelet 
with all Stars Stripes & a Military Life readers.

I absolutely love mine & wear it all the time.
Even with t-shirts. 
Seriously, it's that ahhh-mazing!
Click here to visit the GMJ Etsy site.
Click here to see GMJ Facebook page.
Click here to see GMJ blog.

Best Wishes!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sold My Soul

I sold mysoul to the devil Mr. Army Man.

But seriously I made a very big promise that I fully intend tokeep.
I normally have a twice monthly allowance {as I don’t work} 
forshopping, Starbz, & anything else my heart desires.
This doesn't include things like date nights, groceries ornecessities.

Well this month I completely blew through my allowance 
& mostof my Christmas money on delicious, beautiful things.
Hey! Zara, Lilly, Francesca & Kate were all having a sale.
What’s a girl to do?

So I made a commitment to the hubs 
that I would not shop untilApril 1st.

After this dry spell..
The hubs has promise that I get that
beautiful sky blue Kate Spade for Easter.
Totally worth it right?

Check out what I have been a total criminal for buying.. 
Francesca's & Kate Spade

Lilly Pulitzer via Bloomingdale's
Now praying for a speedy eighty-five.
So I can get to Easter {my favorite holiday.}

Hope y’all have a great week!  

{Coming up on the blog:}
Wednesday: Glamour Me Jewels Give Away

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Doing it for Me

Hey babes.
I'm going to jump right in and be completely honest 
with you for a minute.
Not that I'm not always honest 
but stuff is about to get REALLY real for a moment.

I have been debating on whether or not 
I should have a New Year's Resolution.

I have decided that instead 
I am going to be more realistic and have a list of goals.

13 for 13

1. Have devotionals with the hubs everyday.
We got a neat book last year 
that has an excerpt to read everyday.
We have already done two.
So far so good.

2. Read one book per month.
I used to read everyday.
I know it just isn't possible with my life now
but I so wish it was.

3. Spend more time outdoors
enjoying what our God has created.

4. Quit cussing.
I do it.. And I realize it is so unladylike 
and my parents have taught me better.

5. Be more healthy. 
No my goal isn't to lose weight 
but to help my body out overall.
No more junk.

6. Workout three times per week.
I think this is such a realistic goal 
especially since we have a 
two year contract on a gym membership.

7. Become a church member.
We recently got back into church & love it.
Now we just need to keep on & become members.

8. Get a new Bible.
I have one now.
But it has been passed down 
& would like something of my own.

9. Read my Bible twice a week.
Not just at church on Sunday.

10. Have more quiet time.
Without the TV, iPhone, or any other distractions.
To just be one with God.

11. Grow my blog & the relationships with my followers.
I feel like I know some of you so well.
If you want a friend, you have one in me.

12. Reach out to others.
To find peace in helping others 
& to know I'm doing the right thing.
Even if I can just make someone smile.

13. Step outside of my comfort zone.
Sometimes I just stay in my little bubble 
because I think people are going to hurt me 
or judge me harshly.
I just want to live without those notions.

I know I don't normally talk about my spirituality 
or about all this mushy stuff on this here blog often.
But I want to make it a point to show you the real me.

I don't care if you like it.
I'm just being me & following my goals for this year.
I leave you with a quote by my favorite chef, Julia Child.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections of 2012

Reflections of 2012

Looking back over this past year 
it feels like we have accomplished so much. 
Not only the fact that we survived a seven month deployment 
but our relationship has grown so strong, 
full of love and powerful blessings from above. 

For our celebration we kept it REAL simple 
and stayed with our traditions. 
See every year for New Years we: 
Order Chinese takeout.
Watch endless movies. Bake a delicious cake. 
Stay in our jammies. And end the night STANDARD 
with a toast & of course a big wet one

Happy New Year from my sweet family to yours.
Hope 2013 started out marvelous, darlinggg..
Because it can only get better!