Monday, January 7, 2013

Sold My Soul

I sold mysoul to the devil Mr. Army Man.

But seriously I made a very big promise that I fully intend tokeep.
I normally have a twice monthly allowance {as I don’t work} 
forshopping, Starbz, & anything else my heart desires.
This doesn't include things like date nights, groceries ornecessities.

Well this month I completely blew through my allowance 
& mostof my Christmas money on delicious, beautiful things.
Hey! Zara, Lilly, Francesca & Kate were all having a sale.
What’s a girl to do?

So I made a commitment to the hubs 
that I would not shop untilApril 1st.

After this dry spell..
The hubs has promise that I get that
beautiful sky blue Kate Spade for Easter.
Totally worth it right?

Check out what I have been a total criminal for buying.. 
Francesca's & Kate Spade

Lilly Pulitzer via Bloomingdale's
Now praying for a speedy eighty-five.
So I can get to Easter {my favorite holiday.}

Hope y’all have a great week!  

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  1. Those red flats are adorable. We have about two feet of snow here, which has severely dampened any shoe shopping urges.

    That Kate Spade is gorgeous, and definitely worth two months of no shopping. However, I don't think I could ever give up Starbucks for two months. I am severely addicted.

  2. That really sucks. However, at least you did get some really pretty things before the spending freeze! And that Kate Spade handbag will make it all worth it in the end =)

  3. Love those Zara pants and your new bag! Too cute. Sometimes if just feels good to take a break. It's like a spending detox! Btw, love the new look.

  4. You know I am not a shopper unless you or Brook are with me!!!! You really have some beautiful things. 85 days will go by faster than you think!!! Love the purses!

  5. All I can say is GOOD LUCK!!
    That would be so hard for me....I got a new camera a few days before Christmas and my hubby told me there were "stipulations" on this purchase. He never told me what they were and I'm not about to remind him hahaha!
    A little TMI but sex always works for big purchases in my home lol!

  6. I went almost a whole year without buying anything and that was my own choice ;) You can do this!

  7. I LOVE the leopard pants! Those are so cute!

  8. Oh my gosh girl, good for you!! My husband keep wanting me to give up shopping, but I don't know if I could! Teach me your ways! :)

  9. Wow, good luck to you!! But don't tell my husband because he'd want me to start a no-shopping period ASAP...yikes :)


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