Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shopping: A Deeper Meaning

Most of y'all know I am on a no shopping period right now..
And to be honest I am sorta enjoying it.

I don't have to go out & buy the hottest new thing
because J.Simps is carrying it.
I feel so much better about not spending money
& I know that we are saving everyday.

Right now I am in a marketing class and 
I feel like I should help breakdown the difference between
internal influence and external influence.

Internal Influence:
-Self Image

External Influence:
-Social Status

I think we all need to keep in mind that
just because someone else has is,
doesn't mean that we need it as well.

Some key things I like to keep in mind now are:
Is it another's influence that is making me want to get it?
Am I really going to use it?
Will it go out of style soon?
Do I just want it because I saw so-in-so with it?
Is it something I'm going to want to keep for the rest of my life?

These things help me stay under control and not shop,
even when I see something that is totally TO DIE FOR!

And let's be honest, if someone (like me)
who used to shop 4/7 days a week,
then you can probably go without it for a little while too!

And in the long run your wallet, husband and self control will probably thank you!
If not, you can always have a sweet reward at the end like I do.


Now who wants to go shopping with me
when this is all over? :)


  1. 68 days?! You go girl! Embarrassingly, I don't think I could do it! That's impressive though. And I totally agree with your post. I actually think that blogging pushes me over the spending limit sometimes.

  2. I actually don't enjoy shopping. I could care less what others think, I don't need the hottest and latest thing.

    I think it's awesome what you are doing, good for you friend! :)

  3. Yaaay for you! I need to do this...especially with the budget I'm on right now. Eek.

  4. Congratulations on doing so well! I think that the reward at the end must be fantastic incentive.

    We are on a freeze from eating out until February 28... I was shocked when I had to come to terms with what we were spending on it! Hopefully after the end of February, we will continue to be mindful of how much we are spending in this area.

  5. I used to love shopping and was so disappointed when I couldn't afford something. Now I've learned the art of window shopping and that I don't have to have everything I want. Good for you! :)

  6. I knew you would do well! I honestly tell everyone that it's easier when you've learned that you don't "need" everything. I like to say that I have power over my money and "things", instead of it all having power over me!

  7. I would definitely benefit from a no shopping period :) You go girl!

  8. I honestly don't enjoy shopping very much. Don't judge, but I come from a very frugal family, so I have been taught to save money.

  9. Amen! Get it girl!! Med school budgets don't allow any of the influences... unless of course I am selling boocoos on Poshmark! ;)

  10. Hey girl! totally random but wheredid you get your LV bag! i wanna buy one online but i want a Authentic one and im so scared! even poshmark scares me causes itsalot of money and i dont want to lose it to a fake bag


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