Sunday, December 30, 2012


I feel like I have been on the go with Christmas, lot of family time & our trek back to NC.

We are finally home and things should get back to normal.
I need to go back to my Mexicoma.
Speaking of Mexico..

If you have been reading for a while y'all know the hubs & me recently took a cruise out of New Orleans to Progreso & Cozumel.

We had the best time & certainly lived it up. 
Here's a quick recap of our fun!

Day One:
We enjoyed eating out on the deck next to the water.

I couldn't get enough of the bacon & carried around a bowl of it for a while.\

We strolled out for blow fish & coladas on the top of the ship.

That night we dressed up for 'el capitan' dinner.
It was so good. I spilled it all over my dress.
Reason for the head shot. Hah! 

Day Two: Progreso

We laid out on the beach with tons of margs & pico.

On the way back to the boat. Already missing it... 

That night we grabbed some drinks 
with two friends for two amazing comedy shows.

We may have even gambled a little. SHH.. 
Don't tell my mom.
It was like popcorn but better cuz it was full of money!!

Day Three: Cozumel

I literally almost peed myself when I saw this REAL life pirate ship.
I was so exited. The only problem was I wish I was a mermaid so I could swim out to it.

We found an amazing restaurant off the beaten path.
About four miles off that path.
It was true blue Mexican food.
We even got to pick our fish that we ordered.
It was still flopping around in the cooler.



We had some other great food too.
We ordered so much we barely walked out.


Later we did some shopping.
I got some Chanel perfume & some vintage 1940's Tequila.
I was a happy gal.

That night we pulled out our matching outfits & had fun on the deck.
I won a dance competition that I wasn't even entered in.

Day Four:
We relaxed on the deck with our two friends.
& had a great day soaking up the last of our vacation's rays.
Mr. Army Man even went down the kiddie slide a few times & eventually got in 

After dinner {where we were the last people in the dining room}
we went with all the couples from our table to the casino & hung out.
I ended up winning a tshirt.
My 'Tebow' pose.

 I was so excited even tho I won an XL.

We literally had the best time. 
After a year like this one, I'd say we deserved it.
So thankful we were able to take this journey we grew not only with memories but love and even more silliness for one another.



  1. I'm so ready to go on another cruise!
    This time we are taking my grandma so the kids can have a babysitter while we go to some of the shows.

  2. How fun! I love all of the pictures. Looks like you had a great time. :)

  3. Wonderful, Wonderful pics and times. It seems like a perfect vacation which you both deserve!

  4. What an amazing trip! Love the pictures! Happy New Year! :)

  5. Looks like a blast! I have never been on a cruise!

    Happy New Year,


  6. Was this on the Carnival Elation by any chance? We are going to Cozumel & Progresso in Dec would love some advice!!


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