Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Get-Away

My sweet hubby has told me I need to come up with a trip/fun activity for my birthday. We live in central North Carolina, my birthday is August 31st, cost isn't an issue, and we can only be gone for a long weekend (4 days).

Please give me suggestions!


  1. if only my husband would allow me to do this for my birthday weekend, i might tend to go a bit overboard but nonetheless what a sweet thing for your husband to allow you to do. are there any places you really want to visit you haven't yet?

  2. that is so sweet!! :) y'all will have so much! i'm from north carolina too :)

  3. I saw pictures on Kelly's blog and as another milspouse I wanted to come say hello =) I would highly recommend Charleston. It would be a bit of a drive, but it is such a romantic city.

  4. This sounds amazing! What a sweet husband you have! Hope you find the perfect spot! You can always come to Florida, it's very hot though so pack light!


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