Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break: Part Two

A continuation of my spring break re-cap..

I had lunch with the same friend I went shopping with on Monday.
Said goodbye to family.
And had dinner with mom, dad, CoCo,  and my favorite football player.

I flew back to NC from visiting my parents in AR.
This is from Phillip's Seafood at the ATL airport.

Fried shrimp, crab cakes, and spring rolls at 8 am. Breakfast of champions.

I did not one thing.
Sleep until 12 o'clock, lay on the couch, watch One Tree Hill.
A nothing kind of day.

I went grocery shopping.
(Story about that soon.)
Made this amazing strawberry cake.

Recipe coming soon too!

Hung out with some of the best Army wives for a "Fiesta". Where we ate that luscious cake above.
We are planning on having a dinner party again soon before the men come home. Yay!
And got to love on this little cutie!

Went and ate lunch with two great friends, at Cheddar's in Fayetteville, North Carolina- of course!
If you leave in the area.
Check it out!
I had the Sheppard's Pie.

Then went and saw "21 Jump Street."
Channing Tatum. Sold.
This is the funniest movie I've seen in a while. Must see.
My stomach/jaws were literally hurting from laughing so much! Lol.

Now to get back into the swing of things.
Schedule. Check!
Busy. Check!
Homework? Check.
Looking like a chicken with my head cut off. Always..

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! And a fab Monday!


  1. haha LOVE your seafood breakfast! too funny!

    & your strawberry cake looks INCREDIBLE!

  2. I keep hearing about Cheeders I must try it. I am home now, so we need to get together and you should bring that strawberry cake over. MMM, it will do wonders for my diet.

  3. Liz. I'll text you. Maybe you can come over this weekend or us get together!:)


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