Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finding Your Life

Here lately I've been re-reading my ever favorite book Faith Deployed that I talk about here.

In the book it talks about finding routines & such. Today I talked with my husband about the future. Not years down the road but about his home coming. Everyone knows that's that's what all of us mil-spouses look forward too. Not just us but our soldiers too!

He was talking about trips, getting back into a routine with me, etc.

I've encountered some recurrent themes, in this time- I often question myself, "how can I fulfill all my duties and hurt myself the least."

I've taken on wife, full time student, a class tutor, yard mower, maid, dog walker, and so many more tasks/roles, And just because I constantly keep myself busy & entertained doesn't mean I don't run myself ragged and still get hurt by distance, altered plans, short phone calls, etc..

Instead of trying to micromanage everything I think to myself, "Am I consciously or subconsciously trying to "tweak" my time so everything will fall into place to fit my plans.. Am I frustrated, stressed or even anxious in trying to control every aspect/process of life. Or do I just need to roll with the punches to a certain extent and enjoy life?"

As I'm writing this I make a toast/vow to myself that I WILL be more free spirited and just sort of roll with it (so to speak) and let God and life lead me down whatever road they guide me too!

On another deployment related topic, Mr. Army Man found out he will be going to the board soon. For those of you not military, the board is for promotions. So for right now he is studying fiercely. I am so proud of him. He has only been an E5 for right at a year. Hopefully my man will get his rank as staff sergeant soon! 

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