Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

So excited that this quarter my weekend begins on Thursday.
I'm a little late on posting..
Busy, busy week.
But better late than never.

I walked around downtown Sanford, went into some shops and listened to some amazing street musicians.
I also went grocery shopping..
This is what two weeks worth of shopping for one person looks like..

I picked these beautiful flowers up at the grocery for $3. Can't beat that.
And I'm not one for cut flowers but I couldn't resist.

I had plans to go to the Asheboro Zoo with a bunch of friends/Army Wives.
They all have babies and some were sick/fussy.
So I ended up paying bills, cutting grass, and made a trip to Target.
I picked up some shorts, white linen pants, and those killer wedges.
I also got various things for our master bedroom, you can read about here.

I had driving school.
And I hit up two Targets trying to find exactly what I needed. 
Here's what I wore. Simple for a day, out and about.

Then I went to dinner with Lady B & Baby T. 
She adores Mexican and her hubs can't stand it.
He is with Mr. Army Man for business, so we have been indulging in lots of Mexican.
Here's my dinner. I know, I'm a fatty (but I did take two boxes home of leftovers)!

One of Mr. Army Man's friends Bitchard, came home for r&r this week. 
Him and his fiancee (now wife) came over for burgers, dogs, and homemade fries. 
All delicious. 
I'm so glad he came home and even more excited I got to be apart of their nuptials. 
More on that later!

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