Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Purse/New Life

Guess what was laying on my front porch yesterday when I arrived home?

A huge box. 
With this little beauty inside..

My hubby ordered it, and completely surprised me!
I hate surprises but he did so good! 
It was off my Wish List.
He really always knows what I want/need.

Late yesterday I decided to take all my plants off the porch and but them on the walk way because it was starting to rain.. Again. 
Free water.. Um. Yea.
While taking one of my ferns down off my front porch.. 

I find this inside..

Just one of God's amazing miracles.
Of course I didn't touch or move it.. 
Only problem now is..
Bird crap on my front porch. Lol.
Could always be so much worse.
But for right now I choose life.

Happy Thursday!

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