Friday, March 30, 2012


One Tree Hill
I am obsessed with the show, and all of it's amazing quotes.. Pretty much all my Facebook status' lately have been One Tree Hill quotes. Oh, and I've watched seasons 1-8 in about 3 weeks.

This photo:
love this
I must have one of these of Mr. Army Man and me, when he returns. But I think I might like it better from a side view.

Water with lemon
Not very exciting, but in the past two days this is all I've drank! I drank 3 glasses in like an hour yesterday. Haha. 

Skype with my hubby!

Just had the best, 40 minute convo with Mr. Army Man. Yea, he spoils me. ;)

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!
Night biches!


  1. glad you got to skype with your man!!

  2. i used to be obsess with OTH, but I stopped watching after Peyton & Lucas left..i LOVED them!

  3. I was upset for about a second then realized the show is still amazing without them! :)


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