Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break: Part One

Like I said in this post, I've just gotten done with finals. And now I'm on Spring Break! Happy Spring Y'all!
Check my final out:
Fresh berry tart
This is it plated: With a flying chocolate butterfly and creme anglaise sauce.

My first day of sb, Saturday I spent at my niece's birthday party. First time I'd seen my family in three months. Feels so good to have a short break back in my hometown.
Mom and me before the party!
EG's amazing present from Mr. Army Man and me.
EG opening her presents! Isn't she adorbs?
Sunday and Monday:
I went shopping with my mom on Sunday, and Monday I went with a good friend!
Look at the new digs..
Spent some QT with a QT! Also on Monday!

Helped my daddy make dinner.
Steak with Maitre D'hotel butter, mac n cheese, and an amazing salad.
baby spinach
toasted pecans
fresh raspberries
shredded baby Swiss cheese
real bacon bits
homemade garlic rosemary croutons
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 t. chopped garlic
Sounds incredible right? 
My Spring Break has literally flown by.. I'll update you more of how it ended. Coming soon!


  1. love your recipe ! Can't wait to try it! .

  2. Tht recipe sounds phenomenal! AND, I'm obsessed with vinaigrette so I'm so thrilled ot try this! I found you via Kentucky priss- any friend of hers is a friend of mine so I had to friend you :)

  3. The salad was AMAZING!!!! I'm gonna try to make it but I'm sure it won't be as good as yours! I miss you already and can't wait for June so I can see your beautiful face and squeeze you Hehe!!!


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