Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Crying, Almost Crap Your Pants Moment..

Yea, you know what I'm talking about... I had one of those last night.
Let me start at the beginning. I had plans to go to some friend's house near post (like an hour from our house.) But got a late start on the day and still had a ton of yard work/house cleaning to do.. So I ended up not going.. Instead I finished up.. Went and got care package items for Mr. Army Man and Boo Thang. And came home. I helped my neighbor with her twin's birthday party invites. And we decided to grab some dinner.
So far so good, we sit down at the restaurant and I immediately get a call from ADT. My back window had been opened and the asked if they needed to notify the police. I said yes and we all left the restaurant. J drove us back to the house at lightening speed and we arrived before the cops.
They checked out the house. Told me to come in to see if anything was missing and what do ya know. It was a false alarm. I have double paned windows. Meaning the top and bottom can be opened. The top had just fallen down. And the latch had been broken.
I was freaking out. The nice cop installed new lights in a few of my outside fixtures and all was good. Out to dinner we go again. This time we finally got past ordering drinks. Let's just say I had one of those crying, almost crap your pants scared moments. And the whole time I'm thinking, why does my husband have to be deployed. Selfish I know! But I thank God everyday for him being there. Someone has to do the job. I praise him and all the men/women who are over there. Anywho..

Thank God, a day only lasts twenty-four hours. I don't think I could have handled any more of that one. #deploymentproblems


  1. Wow that's so scary! Good it was only a false alarm.

  2. oh wow..glad everything turned out well!

  3. Glad everything was ok at the house!

  4. Morgan, we had this happen recently ... on Christmas Day! We were spending time with my family an hour and a half away when we got the call from our alarm company. I burst into tears, just sure that someone was ransacking our home. False alarm, thank goodness. Such a scary feeling!


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