Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Room

Swirl mirror- $10 @ Family Dollar
Lamp- $10 @ Family Dollar
Sheets/pillows- Walmart
Quilt- $39 @ Target originally $79 but can get it here for $29.98..

Doesn't it look great! We got a bed a few weeks before Mr. Army Man's parents came to visit. I found a picture off Pinterest that I really liked and used for inspiration.
We got the bed rails at a flea market for $25. We had originally thought they were for a queen bed but everything worked out and my in-laws brought us for our queen bed when they came.
Love our built in book case

Vases- $1 each at local flower shop

I would still like to add a few pictures/accent pieces to tie the whole room together? What do you think would be good to use?
I feel so good that the guest room is finally almost put together. Now who is up to come visit??
Hope someone does soon, so ready to put this beautiful room to good use!


  1. it looks great! good job! saw your mom this morning...sending hugs your way! love you, friend!

  2. hope you got my package! let me know, hope its there by today. I havent recieved yours yet, but waiting anxiously :) happy saturday pretty girl

  3. Carolyn- Thanks!

    Brittney- Thanks! That means a lot! Love you too!

    Kristin- I got your package, hope you've gotten mine.


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