Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Birthday Boy

Here's a brief recap of all the festivities we've had for the birthday boy over the weekend and then yesterday night!

We started out the weekend gathering all our party things and picking up some yummy Chinese.
(I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pics Friday night, oops!)

Saturday, was spent cleaning and preparing for his annual birthday bonfire. 
We have one every year complete with Frito Chili Pies, Chili Cheese Dogs and S'mores.

Best friend-enemy. 

I wish I took more pictures, but we were having too much fun!
We had about 12 people out to our house. 
We loved sitting by the bonfire and chatting with all of our closest friends. 

Sunday, we spent all day re-cooperating. 
(If you know what I mean..)

Yesterday, was Mr. Army Man's birthday and we fully enjoyed the day.

His presents: 
Complete with Arkansas Razorback Football Tickets!

Twenty-eight never tasted so good!

His birthday duds.
He got the shirt and shoes that he's wearing in this pic.

Quick photo sesh!

We literally had the best night. 
Complete with not one but two appetizers.
A main course.
And dessert.
We were stuffed and so happy!

I hope my sweet husband had as much fun as I did for his birthday!
Best weekend I've had since this cast has been on my foot! Haha.

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Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. Great pictures, it looks like he had a wonderful birthday. :)

  2. Oh holy ice cream sundaes... that is all that I would need to have the best birthday ever. ALL the ice cream sundaes!

  3. Great pics and great post. I miss you!!! So glad your evening was so fun. How is everything going??

  4. Looks like the BD was a blast and such fun! You are so creative and special in your ability to make others happy and feel special!

  5. My sweet tooth is going crazy after seeing the smores bar & those ridiculous sundaes! Yummmmmmm!


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