Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Traditions

Last year was my first year really celebrating Halloween.
Growing up we always did things at church like a Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat.
My brothers and me would dress up as biblical characters or we didn't dress up at all.
I've never once Trick or Treated in our neighborhood.
But I don't really mind it. We had fun in our own way. 
And I loved spending the time with family, church friends and our good Lord.

Now Halloween isn't much different. But the hubs and me have started a little tradition.
On Halloween night we order in..
Chinese or Pizza..
Pass our candy to our sweet neighbor kids and watch Halloween movies or our favorite TV shows.
(We are those weird people that find a TV series on Netflix and don't watch anything until we've completed all 18 seasons of the show.)
And just enjoy the night. 

There won't be any ridiculous over priced costumes you only wear once and throw in the back of your closet. There won't be any scary movies. And there won't be any crazy anxiety that I'm the only weird kid in a Mary costume with a swaddled baby Jesus. 

Happy Halloween, ladies!
Stay safe and have fun.    


  1. Oh my! I feel like a terrible mother and that I've scarred you for life about Halloween! Sorry sweetie!! I love you!!

  2. Sounds like a great night to me! :)

  3. I think you and your husband's new tradition sounds great! Happy Halloween! :)

    Southern Glamourista

  4. Hope you and the hubby had a great halloween! Def want to swap buttons. I added yours this morning :)

  5. I always like to order pizza too! Hope y'all had a nice night!

  6. Hahaha oh my gosh Mary with a Baby Jesus. That's amazing. I was always nursery rhyme characters as a child. When I was 4, no one quite understood when I told them I was "Jill" probably would have helped to have had a pail of water or something distinguishing. And I'm exactly the same way. I can't start a tv show in the middle...I have to start with season 1. And I simply cannot watch anything else (or do anything else to be honest) until the series is completed.

    Your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop!!

    xoxo Mason (

  7. new follower from the hop, would love a follow back

  8. I love that you and the hubs have already started family traditions! The low-key, fun relaxed holidays are always the best, too!

  9. happy halloween! new follower from the follow me maybe blog hop. i'm a military wife too :)

  10. You and your man are so cute! I love your blog!

  11. Great tradition! It's way better than hiding out that night like we did!!!

  12. I love the tradition you have begun with your husband. So sweet!
    I'm stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop. I'm also a military spouse and your newest follower :)

  13. I've never really been extremely into Halloween either, so this sounds like a great night to me! Hope it was fun!

  14. I like that you have Halloween traditions. Considering most of the area was still unsafe and out of power (and we live in a condo complex), Halloween didn't happen for us this year. But I think I might steal the Chinese or Pizza tradition that you have :)


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