Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi y'all!
Thought I'd share what's currently going down in our hood with The Fact Is with Nicholl.

Fact: I got my purple cast off last Thursday. Praise the Lord.
Fact: After I got it off I used a whole bottle of alcohol trying to clean my leg/foot area.
Fact: It made be want to drink a whole bottle of alcohol to erase the memory.
Fact: I'm now in a boot.
Fact: Done with nasty foot talk.

Fact: The hubs and I booked our honeymoon/anniversary trip. For those new followers we got married in June 2011 but we had a lot going on. Bought a house, hubs in a new unit, pre-deployment training. We would have celebrated in June but he was deployed. So finally we are taking it.
Fact: We are going on a cruise.

Fact: I have so much school work to do since it is mid-terms week.
Fact: I'd rather be doing anything but homework.

Fact: The 5k I signed up for was this weekend and I went up to the race just to get my tshirt.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Yay for going on a cruise, that is so exciting! :)

  2. Yay on your cruise! :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  3. So glad you got your cast off! I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise!

  4. My husband and I signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon that was this past weekend, and we didn't even go into DC to pick up our shirts/goody bags. I didn't even think about it. Now I'm super annoyed with myself! Ugh.

    Glad you got the cast off!

    Hubs and I didn't go on a honeymoon either. We had so much going on at the time. We're planning on doing something big for our 5 year anniversary, which is in just 2 years anyway! A cruise sounds fantastic!

  5. Yay for planning your honeymoon! I'd die for a trip right now!

  6. My mother in law has been in a boot for over a year and got a new purple hard cast last week. Be careful on the decks of the ship when they are wet....I slipped and hurt my knee when we were on our cruise. I love cruising its the best.
    New Follower from blog hop!

  7. Yay for cruises. Can't wait to see the blog on this because we just booked 1 for our 10 year anniversary.

    Oh and by the way I finally figured this blog stuff out. You can follow at http://millerftblfamily.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi new to your blog from the weekend blog walk I'm looking forward to your posts. I'm a daddy blogger and I blog about my wonderful family.



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