Friday, September 30, 2011

Ohhh what a night!

Of course when you have everything all planned out something always seems to go awry... This was the story of my life all day yesterday. I had a game plan all laid out, what I was going to wear to meet my hubby in, what we were going to do, eat, etc.

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING went according to plan. On the plus side Mr. Army Man did buy me some beautiful yellow mums & some gorgeous fresh basil I can grow in the kitchen.

So... Back to my story.. I went and picked him up yesterday afternoon about 3:30 and I was in a foul mood.. He didn't give me proper directions. (Idk why I ask him anyway, he doesn't know how to get around post either.) And I was really fidgety. I had taken a caffeine headache pill.. LOL! Early that day I had found some baby snakes in our gutters so we had to stop buy Lowe's not in my game plan but I got something out of it anyway.. So it was worth while.. We had about ten more stops on the list and I was just ready to get home. I was starrrrrrving! As soon as we got all of our errands ran. We went home. I thought we were going to go in and immediately eat as dinner was beef strogonoff in the crock pot but he had to kill the snakes.. That were no longer there... Ugh! And see his precious dogs. Which have been complete and utter demons while he has been away. He blames it on them being puppies. I think its time to grow up & face the facts. They are baby face assassins!!!

Finally..Dinner! After dinner we watch a little TV.. Sports, Grey's Anatomy, & Private Practice (which was really good for the season premiere.) Showers, then bed. It was an eventful day, even though nothing went according to plan, ohhhh & my new furniture came in. It looks amazing.. I will definitely blog about it later. When I finish decorating around it! I'm almost finished with one whole room besides bathrooms! LOL!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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