Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday

Today.. Has been utterly crazy. I went and bought the rest of our furniture for our living room and found these cute crosses for my cross wall. Orginally $10 at the funiture store on sale for $1.30 a piece. Yay! So. I bought them all for gifts for other friends I know who have cross walls as well.

I can't wait get my funiture in on Thursday. Then my living room will be complete! I'll be sure to post pictures, but this is what I ordered.

I had an amazing workout today.. I did twenty minutes on the elliptical. More than I normally do. And sixty five minutes on the bike. Exausted. I love my gym, they have everything.. Swimming pool, racket ball courts, saunas, tanning, and everything normal gyms have. LOVE!

I got home and had seven care packages from my mom. She is the best! Took my dogs out and they ran off.. So after my workout I ran a mile down the street to get them. Ugh. And the crazy neighbor once again told me to keep my dogs up or she was going to call the pound. Not once has she welcomed me to our new neighborhood.

Okay, Okay... I'm done venting.. It has been a crazy day and I can't wait until Friday gets here! 

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