Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Card Swap

I paired up with the lovely Jax from Raviolis & Waterworks to do a cute Valentine's Day Card Swap! My girl Summer & Melina put together a swap for us for the day of love. Super perfect! The rules included making a homemade card and sending it out by February 8th.
Jax did a wonderful job. I opened a huge package to reveal an over-sized card & a chocolate rose!
Inside was a sweet little message!

Bet you all wished you participate now don't cha? Well, I'm hosting a swap RIGHT NOW so be sure you all link up and participate. Everyone will receive amazing gifts!:)


  1. Awww, I'm glad that you liked it! I loved yours too :)

    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. A nice card indeed, even if the rhyme was an easy one..haha

  3. How cute is this?
    Happy Valentines day!

  4. Happy Valentines day to you all!:)

  5. Jax sent you a great card! She also sent you a new follower in me!

  6. Love what you got in your swap! I haven't gotten my Valentine yet, womp womp!


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