Thursday, February 9, 2012

13 Thursday Things

Here are 13 random THINGS for this ThURsDaY!

1. I went and got a mani/pedi today. Boy, I needed it so bad! A sista's hands looked ruff!

2. I made a shiii ton of beef/veal stock today. Oh & chocolate truffles & peanut butter truffles.

3. I need to do laundry. BAD!

4. I've taken 3 showers/baths today. I know imma freakk!

5. My coffee table looks like a junky craft store. No lie.

6. I need to be doing homework, instead of blogging.

7. I ordered a 12 in. sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from Subway. & I'm really tempted to go eat the other half. Shame on me!

8. Grey's Anatomy is my life.

9. Fighting the urge not to steadily ball my eyes out, because the Army sucks and I'm tired of them changing information on us. It can be so hard. I feel like all we do is play the waiting game.

10. Feeling like doing something new with my hair. Any suggestions??

11. My dog is such a sweety. She makes me feel so much better on lonngggg days like today.

12. Oh yea... HOMEWORK!

13. homework??

Thank Goodness Tomorrow Is Friday!


  1. So sorry about #9. MY Best friend's husband is in the Navy. He is on deployment right now and was supposed to be back in May. She found out this week that he won't back until July. She is having a really hard time with it. Y'all military wives are SO strong! There is no way I could handle it! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Thanks, that means a lot! Us military women have to stick together. It is over whelming sometimes.:)

  3. I just started watchig Grey's, now I am hooked!!


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