Saturday, February 11, 2012

Backyard Update

This week Mr. Army Man and I have been working hard on getting our backyard back to it's original glory. The dogs and the weather have destroyed it.
I went earlier in the week to Lowe's and bought a shii ton of yard stuff. Flower boxes, weed killer, rocks, plants, a purple hoe, & soil.
Flower beds-before..
After. I love my garden sign.
My sweet hubby also fixed our walk way from our front yard to the back deck. It looks amazing.

Yea, it looks a mess right? Our dogs pull up the rubber border that kept all the rocks in place and began to pull up the black liner that was below the rocks. The rocks then began to be wash away from the rain. Result=a complete mess.

Hubby working on the walk way..

The miraculous end.

Doesn't it look 100 percent better? Next weekend I will begin planting my garden. Tomatoes, lettuce, okra, green onions, & some herbs. I cannot wait.

I also planted some flowers in our pink toilet. Yes, we have a pink toilet in our backyard. And in a flower box I have hanging off the back porch. I still have a few more flowers to plant and an arbour to put up. Mr. Army Man came home with a cute hanging basket full of pansies. I don't like cut flowers, like women get for Valentine's day because it's ruining something beautiful and your just killing them anyway. So he bought me some pansies. He's amazing! I'll post more as we do some more updates to our backyard.

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