Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thirteen Thursday Things

Thirteen Thursday Things: CHrIstmaS EdITiOn
My Christmas Wish List

1. Golden Snitch Bracelet

2. Nude or black wedges

3. Water bottle for the gym

4. Cozy leggings
5. Michael Kors Iphone wristlet

6. New wedding band?
Mr. Army Man went over board with my engagement ring so we went for something cheap when we got married. I would like a small upgrade for now. Since my band looks terrible from cooking now.

7. Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques Paperback Book
Product Image

8. Crosses for cross wall
Recycled Jewelry Crosses

9. Black Mirror for living room
Large black mirror.

10. A kiss under the mistletoe from Mr. Army Man.
Pinned Image

11. Homemade Cranberry Sauce by my mom

Simple Cranberry Sauce

12. Hunting trip with my daddy

13. One big happy Christmas in Memphis!

Merry Christmas!!

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