Saturday, November 12, 2011


Most people say that they follow my blog, but do you really know what following is?

I understand that you read it off of Facebook, but that really isn't following... All it takes is setting up a google account. You can use your current email address, whether it is aol, yahoo or whatever else is out there. Once you've done this you go to account settings.. It will have several things under "My Products" including blogger, iGoogle, YouTube, and maybe even your email if you are a gmail user. Click on "blogger," you don't have to become a blogger and publish blogs but you can follow my blog and many others this way and maybe eventually become a blogger yourself. After you've done this there is a spot that says blogs I'm following all you have to do is go to add/manage and add my blog or any others by putting in the . Once you've done that you are successfully following my blog or whoever else's you enjoy reading. I wish that more people would set this up so I can see who's reading. Thanks! And I hope I see more followers following my page! It means a lot! :)

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