Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manic Weekend

This weekend:
Friday: The hubby and I went and saw the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn. (I have read every book at least twice. I am a Twilight freak. But Harry Potter is still my favy.) I made tacos and chocolate chip cookies (which we snuck into the movies) before and we had a nice dinner. After we came home. I went straight to bed having a migraine all day. Blah.

Saturday: Yesterday, Mr. Army Man finished painting our bedroom. (We've been sleeping in the guest bedroom since last weekend.) And he spilt his coffee while finishing so we got rented a carpet cleaner and did the whole upstairs and the mattress. (Yes, you can clean your mattress with a carpet cleaner! Crazy right!!?) I washed about 5 loads of laundry and began reorganizing our kitchen cabinets. They were so messy. And I made the most delicious completely homemade chicken pot pie with a cornbread topping.

Sunday: Today, we got up extremely early and finished cleaning the carpets and down the stairs. We returned the cleaner and ran a few errands. Getting lots of Christmas decorations. We put up our lights. On the house and the shed. (Hubby's idea, although it looks great!) I made a deco mesh wreath. And it looked great. I ran in the house to grab something to eat. And my dogs got out of our fence and destroyed it. We also tag teamed and raked the yard. It looks great! I finished cleaning out our cabinets and I'm so excited I'm finally organized. And the hubby knows what's for dinner and can prepare it if he feels the need to. Haha! Now on for finishing our 5 loads of laundry.. (folding and putting away) And to make dinner. I plan on finishing our bedroom next weekend complete with curtains, pictures and all that jazz! I can't wait after 5 full months of living here, it will be almost complete minus our night stands. (bummer.)

My organized cabinets! LOVE!

Needless to say I'm ready for a break. But that doesn't start until Tuesday at 10 a.m. for me. Can't wait! Class tomorrow however should be a breeze. We are going on a field trip to eat at a restaurant called Satisfaction! Ahhhh! I love culinary school! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And has a great week/break, with lots of good food and family.

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