Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey Momma Rock Me

Monday, Mr. Army Man & I went to Raleigh 
to finish picking up necessities before our little one is born & attend a birth plan class. 

We ran to Home Goods to pick up a mirror for his room, 
Target to get toiletries for the hospital, 
Sephora to grab some fun goodies for momma.
Had dinner, ran in World Market 
& then on to Babies R Us for our birth plan class, 
& to grab a head support for our car-seat.

We get into Babies R Us and were about an hour early to our class. 
So we return a few things we got duplicates from our showers, and start looking at rockers.
We've been looking for the perfect rocker since the day after we found out I was pregnant.
Knowing that it would be a necessity, 
we have been desperately looking the past couple of days as the big day is approaching fast!

We see that the chair we've been eyeing for months is on sale, like $200 off. 
We immediately sat down and ordered the color that we wanted to match the nursery.
The hubs ran to the front to pay right before our class began.

We sat through the class. I got a ton of information on what I want on my birth plan.
And am almost finished with it.

Anyway.. I sat through the entire class thinking that we had our dream rocker.
But  evidently the sale price was only for the color sold in store,
 not for special order colors. I was so bummed.

We started looking at the tag on the chair. 
The thing was the ticket didn't have any disclaimers about the other special colors,
which we discussed to the store manager. 
She said she understood but couldn't give us the full discounted price.
They told us they could give us 20% off for the confusion.
I was so upset & said no I wasn't paying that,
when we should have gotten it for the fully discounted price.

We walked out without the chair and as I was getting into the car, 
I had an all out emotional fit.
I started bawling.
Shaking, crying, sobbing uncontrollably.
Mr. Army Man was so confused. 
I was crying over a freaking chair.

It was like bringing a puppy home.. Thinking your going to keep it.
Then your parents telling you that it has to go back to it's owners.

We made it about 5 miles down the road and Babies R Us called.
They told us that they had talked it over and were going to give us the chair for the $200 off sale price.
We turned around, paid for the chair and I felt like the biggest loser for crying over a chair.

Needless to say, pregnancy hormones suck.
Everything works out & God has a plan. 

Overall I just thought this was absolutely hilarious & wanted to share!
Now I just can't wait to hold my sweet baby boy in his new chair.
& rock him back and forth back and say,
"I love you forever, I like your for always,
as long as I'm living my baby you'll be..."


  1. I'm so happy everything worked out! Grana gets to rock first because grandmas trump mommas! HaHa!!

  2. I'm so glad Babies R Us pulled through for you. We had several bad experiences with them and several good. Not sure we will use them in the future since most everything is available at Target now.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you got your chair. They should have given you the sale price no matter what initially! I didn't know that Babies R Us did birth plan classes? Is this something that the store held or was someone hosting their own course there? That chair looks so comfy! :)

  4. Girl the hormones stick around til after you have the baby haha! And I'm glad you got such a great deal cuz honestly in my opinion spending too much on those chairs is ridic! I'm so glad we got ours handed down and we just painted it because you know what we don't ever use it! Only for her monthly pics ha ha

  5. Ps i meant they stick around even after the baby!..oh and then there's mommy/baby brain


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