Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Best of DC

Saturday, we got up early and hit the streets of DC. 
We walked about 10 blocks searching for something to eat.
I didn't want pizza or burgers.
Or anything that screams, "I'm a chain restaurant!" 

We ran into a place called Circa.
We thought it was probably going to be the last restaurant we saw in the area because we were in the George Washington University area. 

We stopped in and fell in love.
They serve about three different menus throughout the day. 
We were lucky enough to hit it up for Brunch.
I cannot walk into a restaurant that serves Eggs Benedict without ordering it.
It was amazing!
The place was packed. 
The service was great!
And my husband raved about the local beers and of course his favorite the screwdriver.
They had an extensive bar and are open well into the night.
We even had the manager come over to our table and talk a minute.
Such a treat, especially for a busy restaurant!
She was so sweet! And dressed impeccably. 
(But maybe that's just the wannabe fashionista coming out in me.)
Overall I loved this place and will definitely be on my list as a place to come back to!

We did a little scouting, found out where City Segway Tours was.
We had a tour lined up for 2pm.
But it was only 12.
So we kept walking and ended up at the Lincoln Memorial.
We knew we would get to see it again on our tour but decided to look around.
We ended up looking at the 
Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and a few of the other small memorials near by..

By this point my feet were already bleeding blistered.
I definitely chose fashion over comfort so we had to stop in a CVS.
Which was perfect because my little boy husband had to potty and get a snack.
Of course walking out he pointed across the street at the best sign I've ever seen.
Which he informed me clearly reads that there is a hoola-hooper ahead!

Then it was finally time for our Segway Tour!

We went on the National Mall Segway Tour with City Segway Tours.
On this tour we saw:
The White House, J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, Canadian Consulate, Pennsylvania Ave, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capital Building, National Galleries of Art, Smithsonian Castle,  Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Korean Memorial, Old Executive Office Building, The National Mall and more! 
It was crazy how much we saw..
We had an amazing tour guide.
He was hilarious and made the facts about DC interesting and fun!
It was without a doubt definitely worth the money we spent!
This is a great way to see so much in such a short time frame. 
I would go on a Segway Tour in any city..

By the time we ended our tour we were famished.
It being a three hour tour and we had not eaten since 10.
So we trekked on over to..
Old Ebbitt Grill

Every meal is served with delicious fresh hot bread and homemade butter!
We also ordered the Colombian Empanadas.
 They were SO good!
(Forgot to take a pics for the empandas, we were starved!)

Mr. Army Man had the Seafood Jambalaya.
Which was amazing. 

And I had the Maine Lobster.
Also served with fries.
Pure deliciousness.

Old Ebbitt Grill was established in 1856.
It is right near The White House and is adorned in mahogany, velvet, marble, brass and beveled glass.
It is a stunning restaurant. 
Something to get dressed up for (even though we didn't know it at the time.)
The staff says there is always a wait so make sure you make reservations ahead of time.
This is a place we will ALWAYS visit when we come to DC!
It is that good and so worth the wait!

And we could not end the night any better than with a surprise trip to Zara!
 I got some adorably cute fall things, sunnies and perfume.
Can't wait to wear my new goods!

Sunday, we got up, check out of our hotel and went for one last meal at
L'Enfant Cafe and Bar.

French Onion Soup.
I order this every time I see it on the menu.
And this did not disappoint.

Nutella with Raspberry and Nutella with Chocolate Crepes.
This place was absolutely worth walking for..
It is such a small quaint place.
It is from Brunch to Dinner. 
They have the most classic French food you can imagine.
The staff speaks French to one another and has great thick accents.
It was such a treat to get that close to true French cuisine without actually going to France.
Defiantly one of a kind and a must eat!

We had such a wonderfully amazing time in DC.
And will be coming back very soon since its only a short five hour trip from Ft. Bragg.
I just hate it took me a whole week to document it all!
Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. What a fun day!! I absolutely love it here in DC! There's so much to do!

  2. looks like a fun trip! especially the yummy food :)

  3. Looks like a great time! All of the food looks amazing.

  4. serioiusly the number of things to do and places to is never ceasing! i'm writing down the ebbitt grill. looks fab! hopefully you can make it back soon!!

  5. wow! you really saw all the sites and had some crazy delicious food too! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in DC :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE that city! FUN TRIP!

    Following back! :)


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