Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fury Friday

This past weekend we traveled to DC.
And met up with a friend, Monte, at Walter Reed that is recovering from an IED. 
(My husband and Monte are in the same unit.)

Check out his page, follow him along in his journey and donate to his recovery fund! 
Every little bit counts. 
Monte is a true hero. 
He really is the strongest, most confident, and craziest guy I know.

Make sure you check out his page!
Find it here!

We pretty much spent all day Friday with him, his sister and girlfriend. 
We celebrated Amanda, his girlfriends, birthday.
Went to dinner at American Tap Room and enjoyed Finding Nemo 3D.
(Which we saw for free.)
People in this area are all so kind and honor the military.
I guess they should though...
I mean we were in our Nation's Capital!
American Tap Room was has an amazing waitstaff and bar.
Just for being military they offered us a great discount.
Our drinks were always full. 
Wish I could say the same for the food. 
My dinner which was the Greek Turkey Burger wasn't as flavorful as I hoped.
But the salad that accompanied it was amazing. 
The Fish and Chips (Special of the Day) that my husband ordered was amazing. 
Why is it that someone else's food always tastes and looks better than your own?

Afterward we ate an amazing chocolate raspberry cake made by his sister.
She's amazingly talented.

We enjoyed spending the day with them and cannot wait to go back!
Come back tomorrow for more on our trip up to DC!
Plus lots of recommendations for restaurants and places to check out.. 


  1. I love DC, such an amazing place.

  2. so much fun! we should have tried to squeeze in a blogger get together! Next time maybe. that resteraunt looks absolutely amazing. I think i need to add it to my list of places to go!

  3. Monte is so inspiring! That's awesome you got to see Nemo for free! Love when stuff like that happens.

  4. Wow, his story is incredibly inspiring! I am glad you all had a great weekend together. Thank your sweet husband for me. I am so grateful for everything military men and their wives do. Your sacrifices give us our freedom. Thank you.

    Fried Pink Tomato


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