Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's My Party

To cap off my birthday we had a festive dinner with about 6 of our couple friends at San Felipe.
{our favorite little Mexican place.}
We ate lots of great food and dessert.
Complete with whipped cream in the face. 
One of my hub's best friends.
We then went back to our house with one of the couples, whose husband went to basic with mine.
They are expecting their first baby Zoey in October!

And here is her husband all decked out for the part-aaay!
{PS} He's wearing my glasses and head band. Haha.
And of course a cute picture of me and my cutie pie.

I also got the cutest little video from my brother's fiance of my niece Ella Grace! 
She made my day!

And presents of course!
I got two LV bags and a wallet from my hubs.
Scentsy from my friend Rachelle.
Anne of Green Gables collect from Tiffany.
A cross & a Waxing Poetic necklace from my mom.
Clothes and a gold charm necklace from myself. Haha.
A Tervis Tumbler, bath fizzes and a black turban from The Underwoods.
Chevron turban, Emi Jay hair ties and a chevron scarf from my brother girlfriend.
And lots of money and gift cards.

Definitely the perfect way to end my 20th birthday!
I felt so loved and cherished to have celebrated with so many friends and family.
Y'all rock!

Now to start the planning for the TWENTY-FIRST birthday and VEGAS!!


  1. sounds like such a great bday! Congrats

  2. Wow!! Fabulous birthday! You are such a gorgeous little thing!!!

  3. Woo hoo!! What a perfect birthday! It sounds like you were spoiled... but you deserve nothing less! :)

  4. Wait a minute, hold old did you just turn?! I'm glad you got lots and lots of great gifts and were spoiled with love!


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