Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obsessions Lately

1. Diet Dr. Pepper:
I adore this stuff.. Every time I look down I find one of these in my hand. Ridiculous!

2. Extra: Classic Bubble
Love this stuff!

Pink Lou Lou and her blog are absolutely adorable. Look her up. She has hair, makeup and any other kind of advice possible!

4. The fact that Friday is my last day of classes. HELLO Christmas break! Ya hear me?

5. Solitaire
I play it on my phone non-stop!

I am completely madly obsessed with these lately. I don't know how'd I get through the day without some of these! Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas it's just around the corner!


  1. we were meant to be friends...i am obsessed with diet dr. pepper

  2. I love it! We've gone thru 3 cases in like a week! So bad I know! I just am crazy about it! & coke zero with a splash of vanilla. But the diet dr pepper is good with it too!!

  3. I love Diet Dr. Pepper! My fridge is fully stocked with it :)


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