Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday Funday

Yesterday, I went for lunch at my fave Mexican restaurant in Arkansas called Pancho's. If you ever see their cheese dip in the grocery store. It is a MUST try!! I ate there with my mom and her good friend ReRe. We had a great time. And found ourselves sitting at the table an hour after having eaten and paid for our lunch.

After I made a couple stops visiting people at there offices. A little later I ended up shopping around town at Pitchfork, Merry Magnolia and Sally's with a good friend, K. Munch. Very fun and relaxing.

I made a pot of French onion soup. (Recipe to follow.)

And then we went to a Dirrrrrrtyy Santa Christmas Part-ay! It was extremely fun. The girls in my Senior class started it last year we play Dirrrrrrty Santa, eat and play games. We also have a "firsts lists" we compare every year. Example: First to get married, have a baby, graduate college, get divorced, end up in jail, etc. So fun!! Of course, I was the first to get married! LOL!!

I ended up with a sweet little gift! A twenty-five dollar gift card to visit Blue Fin (an amazing sushi restaurant in downtown Memphis). I will be going there for lunch today with Miss Brittney from The Life of Delta Daisies. And then for some shopping after. (I'll tell all about that later.)

We had so much fun. After I went and looked at Christmas lights with my dad and my niece, Meggy Lou. It tow with popcorn and coke! A two year olds favorite things. Needless to say I am still wore out and I'm going to be needing that massage I'm getting today!

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

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