Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Party Time!

I really want to have a sweet little intimate party with some close friends. Not everyone has seen our new home and I'm really ready to show it off. My birthday is coming up and Mr. Army Man decided he should give me a birthday party, but little did we know he would be leaving soon for pre-deployment training schools (NTC). We started inviting people for September 3rd, thinking he was going to be back for it but of course he leaves the day before.

I love being an Army wife, but sometimes it just stinks. Especially being away from the man you love for long periods of time.

My mom will be in town that weekend I want to throw the party, and I still want her to meet all my NC friends. So.. We may have a small shin dig anyways. Here's what I was planning..


1. BBQ wieners

2. Corn dip with homemade spicy saltine crackers

3. Veggie tray

4. Cheese ball with wheat thins

5. Sausage balls

6. Grapes marinated in brandy rolled in sugar on a toothpick with cubed cheddar cheese

7. Chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles

 8. And of course birthday cake!!

As for presents.. That's a whole different story!;)

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