Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Friends

Mr. Army Man and me had a great weekend before he leaves for Warrior's Leader Course (WLC), we spent some quality time with some friends. Boo thang and Am came out for dinner last night. We played board games, watched movies, and looked at two houses for sale. They are thinking about moving into our area. We had a wonderful time and they came back over today..

We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Durham and stuffed our faces. We went to Tyler's Restaurant & Taproom. We had garlic fries and fried calamari for appetizers and build your own burgers for the main course.

Mr. Army Man and me

Boo thang and Am

Am and me

 It was so good to have so much time together before mine and Am's men leave. Am's husband is getting deployed in August. I hate it for her. This is his third. For our going away/ my birthday present, boo thang bought us Juicy Couture purses.

Love my bag and my amazing friends!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, because I sure did. Lots of good things to look forward too. God is good, all the time!:)

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