Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Precious Girl

This precious girl is my niece from my hubby's side. But I've claimed her as mine from day one (before the hub's and I were together.) She was born on my mom's birthday and is a crazy little sticker. My mom has called her "stinky" forever. Her mom is probably going to kill me, for her blog name. But it's definitely Stinky.

Stinky has strep. She stayed home with her Nanny (not Mr. Army Man's mom) today instead of going to pre-school. She got to keep A-man's iPod home to help cope. ;) A-man was not thrilled according to my SIL. But he got a movie after school, no worries! On my way to school, Stinky got ahold of the iPod touch and face timed me 7 times! She is a mess! She told me she didn't feel better when clearly you could tell she did! Hah! And all she wanted to do was talk to her Umpa _____! Of course she calls me but wants to talk to him! Lord, help me!

I love this amazing little girl and my whole family. Isn't family the best!


Love hearing from y'all! Thanks for reading!