Sunday, January 8, 2012

Half Bath

A couple of months ago, we kept getting complaints from our neighbors about our two labs getting out of our yard and into their trash, yards, and whatever else that was left out and accessible to them. We had two biches not so nice neighbors come to our door. One called the sheriff canine unit on us. Great. Our new neighbors don't like us...

We got a pen they dug.. chewed.. escaped. Lord! Help us? So we put them in our downstairs bathroom. We've done it before on those REALLY hot summer days. No biggy right?.... Wrong! I came home to a pool in my floor. Standing water and inch or so deep. I open the bathroom door to wet dogs, huge holes in my wall, busted pipe under the toilet, my door/frame scratched up, and my door handle chewed up. And of course dog hair everywhere.

Needless to say here comes the Facebook posts/texts to everyone asking if they want two labs (together or separate) we've got to get rid of them. Mind you.. We have a fully fenced in yard. They were con-artist. UGH! So we got rid of one.. The male who was the chewer, antagonist, and the "Don" of the dogs. Like they say, " if you run with the dogs, you'll act like a dog.." So.. That leaves us with the gorgeous yellow female, Libby. Mr. Army Man said I had to keep one for protection while he is on his extended "business trip."

So anyway.. This leads us to today.. Fixing the half bath downstairs.


With mud

After (3 coats of paint later)

Tomorrow I will be going to get some white paint for the baseboard.. They look terrible. But I am so happy that we can finally use our downstairs bathroom some three months later. Let's just say I am lah-azy! Now gearing up for my first week back to school! I can't wait.. I'm sure I'll be posting lost of luscious recipes.. All sweets. I can't wait for my first day of baking and pastry! Luh y'all!


  1. 'not so nice' neighbors are the worst.
    My husband and I have talked about getting a dog in the future...reading this makes me second guess that just a little. :) The after pics of the wall look pretty darn good though!

  2. Dogs aren't all bad. So glad we still have one. You just need to choose wisely the right for you and your situation. Happy hunting! And thanks for following!

  3. sorry about all your distruction!!!


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