Monday, October 10, 2011

Date Night

Friday, Mr. Army Man was off work.. He had several important meetings (not work related) that he had to tend to.. But that wasn't the reason he was off.. We hadn't planned on having a night out but it turned in to a lot of fun..

Earlier in the evening.. We had a bit of a row. Lol! We had been talking about ordering some food from our favorite little Mexican place, San Felipe.. But I was mad and decided to go workout, it was a great one. Thirty minutes of intense cardio.. Doesn't sound like much but I was beat. I've been waking up every morning at 3:00 am because I just starting the lab/cooking portion of my degree at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham..

Anywaysss.... I came home and the hubby has been talking about pumpkins ALL week.. And how he wanted to paint and carve some soon. He found the perfect place to get them. And by the way they were super cheap! So we went and got some. For those of you readers that are from the Arkansas area.. It was kinda like the little road side stores at Lehi. They also had a BBQ/Burger place next door. The store was actually featured for their chow chow in the North Carolina State magazine. Pretty awesome. I had bought a jar about a month ago. AMAZING!! (I got to meet the guy who was behind the whole thing, pretty great when your a culinary freak like I am!!!) We wanted to go there but as we were checking out with our pumpkins, okra, and garlic, they had closed. Bummer..

So for all you North Carolinian's, we were going to go to the cookout.. So good and also SO CHEAP! But decided to go to this place called the Checkered Flag.. It is a true blue diner/truck stop. OH MY GOODNESS! It was absolutely amazing. Mr. Army Man and I ate for under $12, plus dessert. The bread pudding was $1, and tasted as if it came from heaven. (And I'm not even a bread pudding fan.) It is definitely one of those great places you can go to at anytime and enjoy a smile and a good cup of coffee.. There were these cute little old men just chillin' drinking coffee. When their cup ran out they'd go behind the counter and refill it.. Definitely a Luke's in Gilmore Girls. I found my usual table. I cannot wait to go back!

I know my story is wayyyyyy long. But here is our cute little pumpkins we designed.

Mine is the one with a tutu.. (It was supposed to have lips but I messed up).. Lol. The one on right is Mr. Army Man's.

Have a great week!!

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