Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Got Designer Bags..

I've got designer bags under my eyes..
Yesterday evening around 5 pm a huge storm rolled through..
A dead tree took a pounding on my house. 
Three different sides to be exact.

After dealing with the insurance company, my neighbors since it's their tree and trying to find a contractor I have bags under my eyes. 
I need just need a hug, a margarita and a beach!
Prayers please! 
Hope no one else got beat as bad as we did!


  1. OH NO!!! I'm so glad you are okay. Ugh what a pain. I hope your insurance takes care of everything. Thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. My gosh... glad you are safe, first of all! Second, glad that you got to talk to insurance right away so that this can be fixed. Third, put on some MK firming eye cream and get yourself that margarita! No kidding, those bags will be gone in under a minute. Best eye cream known to man (you probably already knew that though).

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry but beyond glad that you are ok!

  4. Im just glad your ok! Txt or call to vent anytime!

  5. I'm so glad you're safe, but I'm sorry to hear about the storm and your house! It'll all work out soon!

  6. Ugh that's awful!!!! We had a freak storm come through like that a few weeks back and had several trees fall but luckily none hit our house. That is awful but it's SO good that no one was hurt. Hopefully it can all be sorted out quickly! btw.. I'm your newest follower :]

  7. Oh so sorry to hear all of this! Will definitely say some prayers for you! :)

  8. so sorry to hear about that! Prayers coming your way, It will all work out :)

  9. Oh my goodness that is so awful! I am glad everyone is okay! xo

  10. EW! I hope everything works out! I am new a follower, your blog is adorbs.


    i couldn't help but wonder...

  11. aw I'm sorry that happened! Your in my prayers I hope you get it worked out!


  12. The exact same thing happened to us while stationed in nc. Thankfully we were out of town but coming home to a wrecked house was just awful. Chin up, sweets and say your prayers. God will hear them :)

    Lauren Gudgel

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