Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Wish List

It is my birthday month!
Ladies, get ready to celebrate.
It is on.
One full month of birthday celebrations.
Seeing as my birthday is the last day of the month.

My birthday is the one day of the year that is designed to celebrate only ME.
My husband probably thinks this day is everyday.
He might be right.

I wish for:
My husband to be home to celebrate. 
This will be my third birthday with him and we have never spent one together. 
Fingers crossed it happens this year.
The day we said our "goodbyes."

Chanel Chance Perfume

Kitchen Scales
Taylor Kitchen Scale – Gray (11 lb.)

Black Turban
Black Turban Headband Cotton Spandex Workout Hair Bands (T02)

Roller Blades
Roller Derby Women's V500 Adjustable Inline Skates -

 And of course clothes! 

Can't wait to see what I get!
And to celebrate the real reason,
all the fruits of my mom's labor. Hah!

The best part of August this year,
the hubby's homecoming.
Hopefully it won't be stretched out until September!
Hope you ladies have a great month!


  1. What a great wishlist! Fingers crossed that he'll be home in time for your birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday month, girl!!! I hope you get everything you want - including your hubby coming home on time!! :)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful birthday month and get to spend some of it with your hubs!!

  4. You were/are a labor of love!!

  5. Happy birthday month! Crossing my fingers that your husband will make it home in time to celebrate your birthday with you.

  6. I am hoping he comes home this month!! Happy birthday month!

  7. Happy Birthday Month!!!! Hope your hubby comes home soon. Idk how you do it. Def takes a strong women. Love the rollerblades and Chance perfume. That may be my next perfume purchase. Xo.

  8. Happy Birthday month! I love that perfume tray. Of course, your husband coming home is pretty much the best gift ever =)

  9. Wonderful wish list!! :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

  10. Hooray! Happy birthday month and fingers crossed for a birthday homecoming and celebration with your husband! XX

  11. I know how feel about not spending a birthday with your hubby! I finally got him on my 4th birthday with him! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  12. Hopefully you get to spend your birthday with the hubs!!! Sorry to hear you've been through three without him! :(


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