Monday, November 25, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 24

25 & 2 days Pregnant
*Please keep in mind that I am always a week a head of my "Bumpdate's" 
so that I can give a full recap of the week before. 

Week 24

Gender: It's a Boy! 

Weight Gain/Loss: +13

Baby's Growth: About a pound & a half. 
The size of a cantaloupe? 

Movement: This kid is SO strong! 
Love feeling his little kicks and squirms. 
It is always the highlight of my day!

Food Cravings: Anything peppermint, soy eggnog, pears, & water.

Symptoms: It's getting harder to get in/out of the car & up off the couch. 

Anything Making You Queasy/Sick: Men's Cologne, Grilled Foods & Fire Smoke.

Sleeping: Other than waking up a couple times to potty, 
sleeping like a baby.

Stretchmarks: Starting to get some on my "love handles". 
Not too thrilled about this but my sweet little boy will be so worth it.

Belly Button In/Out: In

Nursery: Just got our curtains in. 
I am absolutely loving how everything is turning out. 

Favorite Moment This Week: Having three days off from work & school.
 I needed it so bad. 
Sleeping in, keeping my feet up, & getting in exercise everyday it was just what this momma needed. 

Looking Forward To: Having Thursday off to cook & spend time with Mr. Army Man.

Hope y'all have a good week!
Come back tomorrow for a special post geared toward help with moving in the military. 


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