Monday, August 26, 2013

Splurge, Save, Spend?

Splurge, Save, Spend?

I am totally smitten with these classic black bags right now.
While I would love to go out & buy the beautiful Prada it's just not in the budget.
So looking for "smarter" options is the way to stay in style while still looking chic.

Buying a bag that is a little pricier always pays off in the end.
It is more durable, lasts longer & ,if your a collector like me,
you can use it for years.

Fingers crossed I get enough birthday money,
that I can add one of these beauties to my collection.

Have a fabulous week ladies!


  1. Love these. So classic, I'd def going as high end as you can afford because you'll have it forever! So cute.

  2. I'm thrifty so I would go for the lower priced item.

  3. I was just stopping by because I happened to run across an old comment from you that I hadn't deleted...and I was like..hey, I miss that girl..I haven't checked it. I actually really like the shiny one by Ralph Lauren...its prettier.

    how have you been?


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