Monday, August 19, 2013

How We Found Out

First of all, thanks so much for all the love 
& support that we have received over multiple social media outlets.
We are so excited for this sweet blessing.

Over the past few months we had decided that sometime after I graduate next March,
that we would start trying to have a baby.
Little did we know that this would happen so soon & so unexpectedly!

I was at work late one Saturday night & started feeling extremely sick. 
Light headed, dizzy, extremely nauseous.
I thought I was just hungry, I hadn't eaten in a while.
So I made a to-go order while cleaning up.
Right before I waked out of the door, I threw up.

I texted Mr. Army Man telling him I had a feeling I was pregnant,
because I was a couple days late.
He told me to just wait & if I hadn't started by Monday to pick up a test.
I couldn't wait so I grabbed a test on the way home.

As soon as I got home I took it, and three minutes later,
2 pink lines appeared!

I started bawling my eyes out.
I wasn't ready for this, but knew it was such a blessing.
The hubs was so excited fist pumping & constantly saying yes.

I immediately called my mom, she is my rock.
I told her the news & she was completely shocked.
She told me that she had to call me back.
She ended up being so supportive & it was all I could have prayed for!

We knew we were going home to see my very sick grandmother the following weekend,
& knew we couldn't hide the news much longer.
I wanted a fun way to surprise our family members.
& since both of our families are so close,
my mom helped me plan one big family dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Check back soon for how we told our families the news!


  1. Such exciting news! Congrats lady.

  2. It was and is all so awesome! Even though I was there and knew, cannot wait for the next Blog! It was a great night!

  3. It was a shock but a good one! I had people around me was my reason for calling back lol I can hardly wait to meet my new grandbaby!

  4. Such a sweet story! Love that picture of you two! :)

  5. such a cute pictures! I swear that is almost exactly what happened with our first. We were not expecting, no really paying attention to anything...and I was sick. Had to pull over and yeah...I was like, "well, that's weird!"

    but so fun!!! You guys will be such great parents :)

  6. Oh man... cliff hanger of a story!! haha can't wait to hear how it ends! :)
    Nikki at


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